Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Armenia?

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Have you been to the city of Armenia? The city is one of the most popular cities to visit which is settled in Colombia. Come to this city which hassome lovely attractive sightseers and is worth watching. 

Explore the various natural beauty places present here that make the city worth it for you all. During your trip to this city, it will make you amaze at the first country as its national religion declaring Christianity. So, friends drop into this city that has numerous most spectacular views, including the peak of Mount Ararat, soaring the country’s skyline.

Appreciate the trip to the mountain that is the national symbol despite its peak lying just over the Turkish border.

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Below are some of the celebrated sightseers which assert the rich history and preserved culture of the city:


The capital Yerevan is the major city in Armenia which houses a lot of things to explore in Armenia from where you can start your vacation. This famous site in the city is home to the Grand Republic Square. Drop into this place that has a Cascade while climbing to Soviet victory. Drop into this site where you will find the city’s monument in the Second World War. Enjoy each site and watch out for all the severely historic sites available here. You will love this site so, visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial and acquire more about the nation’s troubled past. 

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Shikahogh State Reserve

Shikahogh State Reserve is home to various animals such as leopards, various wild goats, and famous bears, vipers. Reach this area to watch out for the lovely forests which are the second-largest forest reserve in Armenia. Drop into this famous reserve which has reserved and possess many where large parts of this area remain unexplored to this day. These portions are unspoiled till today and are worth visiting. So, guys come to this site that is home to about 1,100 species of plants. You will find this exciting place with kids and make them engage in watching exotic species.

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Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is one of the best places to visit in the city which is completely mesmerizing to watch. This lake is the country’s largest lake which offers a beautiful and pleasant place to visit during a break in the country. This popular site is also a favorite place for locals which is found in the heart of Armenia. Drop in to this site to explore the various spectacular monasteries present here in it surrounding the boundaries. You will find the stunning Sevanavank Monastery here which is worth watching and is the most impressive. Reach this lake destination which provides a glorious picturesque backdrop and offers a much relaxing trip. Come with family or friends to enjoy windsurfing, common here and is among the recreation activities available at the lake. This famous lake also has a wide option of delectable seafood restaurants along its shore.

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Dilijan national park

Dilijan national park is another exciting location in the city which was established in 2002. This site is one of the four national parks in Armenia which provides several serene views and captures the most mesmerizing views in this splendid location. Visit this famous national park which is the most beautiful of the lovely quarters in the city. This popular junction is a renowned park presenting the medicinal mineral water springs. Come to this area to explore and find tons of natural monuments which are present inside the park. You will find tons of various important cultural locations found in the city of Armenia that are also found within the park’s grounds.

The city of Armenia is one of the most wanted cities for every traveler. Visit this city to make countless memories and spend a wonderful holiday in this city. Have an incredible time making this trip to this city amidst natural beauty and tons of historical sites.

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Enjoy your vacation in this stunning city with your friends or family!