Top 3 New Trendy Design Trends For Kitchen Cabinets In 2021

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Kitchen cabinets are not only useful for storage but are also a major part of a kitchen when it comes to remodeling or styling your kitchen interior. Cabinetry is the crown that helps put together your cooking space. While the kitchen design has not changed too much in the past few years, there have been some evolutions that are worth your attention.

There is an increasing movement towards minimalism and simplicity. However, here and there, you can see some bold options as well. The year 2021 celebrates both styles as per the liking of homeowners. Although simple clean cabinets are gaining popularity, some people prefer unique custom styles that make a clear statement. For designing a perfect kitchen, you must know what is important to you and then add new trends.

Here are the three hottest cabinet trends that will dominate in 2021:

1. Color Customization

Today, homeowners are not satisfied with mere cookie-cutter designs. They demand something that forms a character and personality with a bold statement. Colour in Leicht kitchens UK is one of the impactful ways to make the difference and stand out bold from the pack. Many manufacturing companies are following this trend and thus, collaborating with some paint companies to offer limitless colour options to get inspired by.

For cabinets, homeowners incline towards custom colours that fit the kitchen spaces perfectly. Neutral hues are also the big favourites with finishes like yellow, grey and soft greens. But you don’t need to count out a dark colour pallet, for navy, black and emerald green form high-end allure that most people admire.

There are three main colour categories to choose from – dark, medium and light. The light shades are in neutral tones to create a simple and soft look. They are known to offer a timeless look that complements any kitchen style. The medium tones are also common. These are available in standard shades of grey, blue and yellow. For extreme feel, dark shades are popular. These include inky black, emerald green, jewelled plumb and navy blue tones for kitchen cabinetry. The dark tones are selected to create drama and unbeatable luxury. However, these are less popular than light and medium shades.

Since homeowners nowadays seek unique hues that stand out in a kitchen interior, you need to check out various custom options. When ordering custom-made cabinets, you may select any colour you like. If you have cabinets, you can renovate them through a professional painter or do it yourself.

2. Open Shelving

Another popular trend for cabinets in Leicht kitchens UK is open shelving. The open shelves appear stunning with an amazing cutlery display. With good organisation and stunning shelving materials, you may create a unique edge style for the kitchen. Open kitchen shelving is a hotter trend due to its practicality.

It offers an airy and light feel to kitchens, giving the illusion of a larger space, and hence, is suitable for small kitchens. Open shelving is also practical, as you can easily grab things without wasting any time or effort to open cabinet locks or doors to find things. However, you need to be careful of what you place on open shelves. Every bowl, glass or utensil makes an impact on the complete kitchen aesthetic and feel.

You can go for various similar-toned utensils to create a uniform look. You can even use mason jars, wine bottles and fruit bowls as decorative units. If you have special recipe books or coffee mugs, you can also use them to add an interesting touch to the shelving. You can even mix and match different elements to create an individual style. But try to have a harmonious look that minimises the risk of the mess that comes with open shelves. 

In small kitchens, you have to be careful of overloading the wall shelving. You only need to keep bare essentials and keep the rest of the items in base cabinets. This will make things easier to organise, as well as offer a sharp, crisp look to the overall interior.

3. Storage for Smart Tech

Since technology has found its way into modern kitchens, you must look for ways to incorporate smart tech into your cooking space. In this era, we cannot imagine our lives without gadgets. Therefore, kitchen design has also changed to meet our needs for modern gadgets.

At the basic level, modern cabinets must have a charging station for smartphones and electronic devices. If you use tablets or smartphones to watch cooking videos or follow recipes, consider installing a device holder or docking station. For high-tech cabinets, you need to have built-in wireless devices in the cabinetry. It may include wireless televisions, tablets or music speakers. 


Lately, kitchen cabinets have undergone some minor yet exclusive changes. A quick change in tastes, along with advanced technology, can create several style options. For 2021, the trend revolves around customisation. When it comes to colour, finishing and design aesthetic, homeowners need something personal and unique. So, work per your style to deck up your kitchen cabinets to enhance the overall aesthetic of the cooking space.

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