Top 5 Ways to Spot Faux Diamond Rings

Top 5 Ways to Spot Faux Diamond Rings

Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Have you bought a diamond ring but you don’t know if the diamond it contains is real? You are not sure how to tell if a diamond is real or fake? No worries! In this post, you will find out the ways to spot faux diamond rings using these simple tips that we show you below. Although to obtain a safe result you should take the stone to your trusted jeweler so that he can certify the diamond with the necessary technical means.

Water proof

The water test is the simplest and most common way to distinguish a real diamond from a fake one. You simply have to fill a glass with water up to 3/4 of its capacity. Subsequently, put the ring into the glass slowly.

If the diamond ring sinks we have good news, it is real. On the contrary, if it floats or stays in the middle of the glass, it probably means that you have a faux diamond ring.

This is mainly because real stones have a high density, so this test is usually quite reliable in determining whether it is a real stone or a fake.

Read through the diamond

Another of the tests that works best to determine whether it is a real or faux diamond rings is reading text through it. To do this, we will place the ring on a written piece of paper and we will check if we can read it. If we are not able to see the text you will know that it is real. On the contrary, if you are able to read through the stone it means that it is a fake diamond.

The gloss test

Another easy and simple test to distinguish real from faux diamond rings is their brilliance. To do this you will have to place the diamond under a lamp. Then you must carefully observe how the light reflects off the stone.

If you notice an extraordinary brilliance reflected in the jewel, it is probably a real diamond. The sparkles that diamonds provide are of a grayish hue, which will guarantee that it is real jewel.

The steam test

Another simple tip to find out if it is a real piece of jewelry or a fake is the steam test. To do this you will simply have to exhale into the diamond. In the event that no mist appears, the diamond is real. Conversely, if you notice a steam stain appear, it’s probably faux diamond rings.

Seek advice from a professional jeweler

If after these tests you still do not feel sure enough that your ring is real or fake, you can ask a professional jeweler or any jeweler in your area, for that you will have to bring the ring so that he can verify with professional means. There are various professional tests such as the microscope test, the weight test with a precision scale or the test with a UV lamp that ensure the authenticity of the diamonds.

If you have doubts about the authenticity of your stones, you can go to Luxuria Diamonds and they will be happy to help you.

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