3 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Emails

People Hate Emails

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Saira Farman

While the most effective marketing channel may be email it doesn’t mean you can just click ‘send’ and expect it to be successful. Just because they are effective does not mean they cannot also be annoying. Here are three things people hate emails:

1) Irrelevant To My Interests

Sending irrelevant content to your audience is one of the common and costly email marketing sins. This will make your messages deleted, or worse, make those who are already on your list, unsubscribe.

Sending an email using the right service provider has all the data you need to send relevant emails. Even if you are not gathering demographic information or tracking behavior, you can see what your subscribers are opening and how they’re interacting in your campaigns. You can use these valuable insights to inform your content, subject line, and templates going forward.

Automating your emails with automation, segmentation, and dynamic content is the key to a more targeted, personalized email campaign. With a little extra effort, the data and results are worthwhile.

One of the most effective lead generation channels is email, but it requires a lot of time to manage. Use email finder tools like GetEmail.io to find the email address of anyone, based on their first name, last name, and the domain name of the company, all within seconds. 

2) Too Many Emails 

Overzealous send frequency is to blame for the consumer’s frustration of dealing with too many daily emails, even though they may not be subscribed to that many mailing lists.

There are some annoying brands out there that will not only send emails every day but send multiple emails per day! There’s no reason why your target audience needs to hear from you, multiple times a day. 

Sending out to your audience a couple of times each week at the most will do the trick, and your emails will be something to look forward to rather than something to delete.

3) Not Mobile Friendly 

Writing and designing well-formatted emails is very different from writing a letter, or even making a website.

The fact that different email clients render the same message differently leads to results that can have a heavy impact on your campaign’s success. Add in the distinction of mobile vs. desktop, and you’ll understand why so many emails are received with rendering issues. According to statistics, approximately 53% of emails are now read on mobile. 

Text that is either too small to read on their phone, included links that are impossible to tap, or entirely comprised of images will leave them hitting “delete” with no second thought. So remember where your audience is opening the email just as much as any other piece of data. Make sure your campaigns look good for every client on as various devices as possible.

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