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Threat detection and 24/7 response to prevent malware from sabotaging your business. Are you at risk of an attack? UnderDefense managed siem service provides timely support through the work of a team of security services incident response experts who identify and neutralize active threats in the corporate network. Quick Reply. Reactions are optimized by automated systems. The UnderDefense SIEM service provides real-time analysis of security services events (alerts) received from network devices and applications. SIEM is represented by a variety of multifunctional applications, appliances, or services, and is also used to log data and generate reports for interoperability with other business data. Combines machine learning and expert analysis technologies in a single solution to improve the detection of various cyber threats, and enables detailed investigation of alerts and identification of the most advanced and sophisticated threats. Include targeted actions to eliminate threats. Reporting threats is not a solution. Robust detection overcomes the limitations of traditional threat detection systems and provides the best combination of deterministic models and machine learning to detect suspicious behavior and tactics, methods, and techniques to counter the most sophisticated cyber attackers. SIEM combines threat intelligence data with new attack indicator data, which analysts describe as a threat hunting tool to proactively improve the environment to ensure a high level of security.

A great team of UnderDefense professionals

An experienced team of cyber threat hunters, technical experts, and SOC experts monitors systems 24/7, investigates unusual behavior, and responds to threats with maximum speed and accuracy. security services based on performance. Action discovery, exploration, and response generate data that informs decision-making and is used in automated processes to optimize configuration and discovery settings. All decisions are yours. You have full control over how and when you report a potential event, and what response you want (if any). Potential threat management with 24/7 availability allows you to neutralize malicious elements or activities (key indicators) that are automatically blocked or terminated, allowing cyber threat experts to significantly save valuable time and focus on identifying potential cyber threats based on the evidence collected. To prevent a threat, causal and associated events must be combined to uncover new and previously unknown indicators of attack and indicators of compromise.

Identifying an active competitor

The most effective attacks rely on running processes that appear reliable to monitoring tools. The UnderDefense team uses proprietary investigative techniques to distinguish legitimate behavior from the tactics, techniques, and procedures of a cyber-attacker. Privacy protection provides a security services status check. SIEM performance is optimized through proactive analysis of operating conditions and configuration optimization recommendations. Reviewing identified case actions helps employees communicate and prioritize incidents. Teams can see exactly which threats were detected in each reporting period and how to respond to them.

Get 24/7 protection against endless cyber threats

Using SIEM data, cyber threat intelligence data, and the incredible knowledge of UnderDefense’s experienced cyber threat experts, they collect and compare all relevant information about company profiles, key assets, and vulnerable customers to understand the behavior of attackers. Predict and prevent attack indicators. Once a cyber incident is detected, the person responsible for the threat can work directly with local resources (internal teams or external partners) until the threat is fully neutralized. The UnderDefense team has direct and exclusive access to the Security Operations Center (SOC). A team of specialists is available 24/7, you can count on support. SIEM products go beyond simple endpoint analysis by leveraging automation and providing a complete picture of adversary cyber activity. Proactive improvement of the overall functioning of the system. Protection is strengthened and the overall security posture of the system is actively improved by guiding and correcting configuration and architecture errors. This can improve overall security services capabilities. Provides critical detailed analytics on managed and unmanaged resources to assess event impact, implement cyber threat hunting activities, and proactively assess overall system security posture.

SIEM is a type of software that has been used by IT security departments for over a decade. SIEM from UnderDefense helps your IT team proactively fight threats by providing a complete view of what’s happening on your network in real time. UnderDefense’s SIEM solutions are distinguished by a combination of security event management and information management of the monitoring environment. A SIEM solution is essential for organizations that need full real-time visibility and control over what is happening on their network.

Why do you need to actively implement a SIEM solution?

Undoubtedly, the number and variety of attacks on information systems are increasing. System and network monitoring have always played an important role in protecting against cyber attacks. Many related attack techniques and technologies have evolved over the years, but the changing nature of cybercrime has evolved rapidly. Some risks are often overlooked. Nowadays, it is necessary to combine data from many sources and correlate different events. The same applies to the long-term storage of this data. As the number of cyber-attacks increases, compliance with regulations and standards becomes more stringent. All of them require the organization to implement a comprehensive security management system that includes monitoring, auditing, and reporting. All of these activities contribute to a SIEM system. Simply put, a SIEM is a multi-component security monitoring and analysis system designed to help organizations detect threats and mitigate the effects of attacks. As mentioned above, SIEM combines several different disciplines and tools into one coherent system:

Log Management (LMS) –

tools for collecting and storing traditional logs.

Security Information Management (SIM) –

Firewalls, DNS servers, routers, antivirus, etc. A tool or system that focuses on collecting and managing security-related data from multiple sources, such as:

Security Event Management (SEM) is a system based on proactive monitoring and analytics, including data visualization, event correlation, and alerts.

SIEM is the current term for a management system that integrates all of the above into a single platform. The platform automatically collects and processes information from distributed sources, stores it in one central place, compare different events, and can generate alerts based on this information. How does SIEM work? A SIEM works across an organization’s infrastructure, collecting logs and events generated by hosts, security systems, and applications and compiling them into a central platform. From antivirus events to firewall logs, SIEM identifies and categorizes this data to help you keep your system secure.

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