Understanding the Most Common Home Cleaning Mistakes That Occur Today

Understanding the Most Common Home Cleaning Mistakes That Occur Today

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Though everyone loves the look and atmosphere of a fresh and clean home, the process can be overwhelming for many. As a result, many homeowners cut corners, unintentionally making harmful mistakes along the way.

Whether you’re preparing your property for a home inspection, have guests coming over, or simply want to do a deep clean, there are specific mistakes you should look to avoid.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to home cleaning, keep reading for some of the most vital mistakes to steer clear of!

Using the Wrong Products

When it comes to cleaning your home, one of the most harmful mistakes you can make is using the wrong products on surfaces. This can damage, warp, scratch, and fade different materials.

Be sure to read all the labels before you begin cleaning to ensure the product is safe for use on specific surfaces. Also, a smart homeowner always patch tests their cleaner in an inconspicuous spot before using it!

Mixing Products

The rise of viral “satisfying” cleaning videos has highlighted one of the most dangerous cleaning practices – mixing products! These videos depict toilets, sinks, and tubs doused in multiple products, all mixed together.

Mixing cleaning products can create and release harmful and toxic fumes, harming you and your family. Unlike content creators, experts in the cleaning industry, like Home Maid Better, know what products to avoid combining.

Using the Same Rag

While it may seem environmentally friendly to use the same rag to wipe down your entire home, this actually does more harm than good. This practice ultimately spreads dirt and grime around your house.

Instead, when cleaning different surfaces and areas, switch out your cleaning rag. Even when wiping down various areas of the same room, for example, a sink and toilet, you’ll want to fold the rag and use a fresh area.

Skipping Areas

While some areas of your home may not be visibly dirty, it’s important to wipe them down regardless. Spots like the top of your fridge, baseboards, behind appliances, and tops of window frames, should be regularly cleaned.

Many homeowners will often forget these small areas as they are often out of sight. As they aren’t high-traffic areas, it may not seem as pressing to wipe them down. However, it’s vital to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt!

Home Cleaning Made Simple

Cleaning is a chore, which means you need to make it as easy as possible! These mistakes can make your home cleaning job much more taxing and could cause you and your family harm.

Though you may dread cleaning, one aspect of homeownership is keeping your house clean, sanitized, and tidy. Cleaning is not only great for your physical health, but it can help you lower stress and anxiety.

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