Understanding the Basics of Fender Repair

Fender Repair

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When it comes to repairing an automotive product, like a car, an SUV or a truck, there will be variables about their methodologies, although mostly all the repair jobs will have plenty to share in common. Among those St George auto body repair components, one of the most commonly done job is the Bumper and Fender damage repair since they are meant to be damaged first to protect the insiders and more important parts pf the vehicle. But there are quite many confusions regarding this particular repair work, since, the names and terminologies used to define them, often differ. So, it is to clear our views on the same that we spoke to the mechanical team of the Coeur D’Alene fender repair center, and that was the best thing to do.

Knowing the Basics About Fender and Bumper Dent Repair

Though the terms Bumpers and Fenders indicate almost the same thing, they actually are slightly different from each other. Bumpers that are meant to reduce the impact of physical damage to the vehicle are placed both at the front and rear sides. In modern days, mostly these bumpers are made up of hard plastic components that are constituent ofpolyesters, polycarbonates, polypropylene, polyurethane, and thermoplastic olefins. This way the bumpers are made to absorb the maximum impact of the effect of a low-speed collision, to protect the lives travelling inside the vehicle. So, when the bumpers get damaged, they have to be administered a seamless and efficient dent repair, which only trained professionals can deliver.

The first step towards bumper repair process includes the prepping of the affected area by an initial thorough cleaning to remove all the debris or dust. Then it is the heat treatment towards the dent which is followed to bring back the dent to its original shape. Once done, the area is sanded down and then given a fresh paint matching the rest of the body.

But a fender repair will be categorically different from that of a bumper repair because the fender is made of a metal structure framing and protecting the wheelsof the vehicle car, so their positions are neither at the front nor at the back.

The fender thus sits between the front door and expands to the front bumper to cover the front wheels of your vehicle. So, a dent fallen on the fender will have a different repair method, that will involve meddling with the metals. It could be either a traditional dent removal, or a paintless dent removal, and here lies the major difference since the bumper repairs do not include the latter.

In fender repair, electrically welded pins are used through the entire procedureas a part of a stud welder dent pulling system. Through this particular technique, a pattern is formed within the indentation to pull out the dent back into its original form so that no further damage is caused to the affected area. Once these studs are well aligned, the mechanics will then slide a hammer to pull out all the studs back tothe initial placement of the fenders. Next, we saw at the department of fender repair in Coeur D’Alene they fill in the remaining area and handover the car with a fresh paint.

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