Variety Of Mozzarella Available Other Than Burrata Cheese

Variety Of Mozzarella

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Mozzarella cheese is the most popular and delicious cheese that has originated from Italy. It is one of the most important Italian symbols that can be recognized by all. You will find several varieties of Mozzarella cheese that include Burrata Italian Cheese.

Know All About Mozzarella Cheese

Burrata cheese is a kind of cheese that has its origin of mozzarella. The color of mozzarella is white because it is made purely of milk. But it can become yellow slightly because of the diet that buffalos or other animals take.

What Is The Literary Meaning Of Mozzarella?

The literary meaning of mozzarella is cutting because the curd of the cheese is cut by hand to make it stretchy. The Italian word for cutting is mozzare; thus the name mozzarella comes from this term.

From Which Region It Originated?

This cheese is a specialty of the southern part of Italy that is also called the heel of Italy. Also, other southern regions manufacture this cheese. But Apulia is the main region where this cheese originated.

Which Animal is Used To Make It?

The typical Italian Mozzarella cheese is made from buffalos’ milk that is plenty in number in the southern regions. These are special kinds of water buffalos that are supposedly brought to this region when people invaded this land.

What Other Animal Sources Are Used?

Other than buffalo the mozzarella cheese and its Burrata Italian Cheese varietyare made from milk of cows, sheep, and goats. But the quantity of cheese that comes from buffalo is almost double as compared to other sources.

Is Mozzarella Cheese Available Easily?

You have to find stores and restaurants like Burrata House that use fresh mozzarella to make Burrata cheese. The one thing that has to be noted about this cheese and its other variety are that it has to be eaten fresh.

How Does Mozzarella Taste?

As it is made from fresh milk; it also tastes the same. The texture of this cheese is creamy, smooth, and semi-soft. It is milder than other cheese types but a little acidic.

What Forms Of Mozzarella Accessible?

The traditional mozzarella cheese is produced in palm-size portions, but they are available in small bite-sized balls as well. This size is ideal to be wrapped in spinach or stuffed in other vegetables.

Different Variety Of Mozzarella Cheese

People think that Mozzarella comes in only one form and variety. But this cheese has different variants that can be used in a variety of dishes. The other varieties available are mentioned below.

Fresh mozzarella

This is the original mozzarella cheese that is made all over the southern region of Italy. The cheese is packed in containers that have whey so that the cheese doesn’t get spoiled.

Mozzarella Produced Commercially

This mozzarella cheese is manufactured commercially and preservatives are added; so that the cheese lasts longer than the fresh one.

Adding Smoked Flavor To Mozzarella

The normal cheese can be given smoke of any flavor to give it that specific taste. Cashew nut, cherry, pecan, and even apple flavor is given to the cheese.

Scamorza Cheese

This is considered to be the cousin of mozzarella, but the main difference is that it is drier and firm cheese.

Burrata Italian Cheese

The Burrata Italian Cheese is made from the leftovers of mozzarella cheeses and then stuffed into pockets of stretched mozzarella.

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