Vehicle Tuning – Tech and Modifications

Vehicle Tuning - Tech and Modifications

Last Updated on January 19, 2022 by rida

There are two types of drivers in the world: those that want to maintain their cars to a standard of practicality and those that want to test limits and push boundaries. These driver types need to pay attention to the essential maintenance and regular vehicle tuning routines to keep their cars in tip-top shape. This discussion will look at inexpensive ways to push your vehicle into performance mode

Performance Tuning

To get the most out of your car, you don’t need to throw a ton of money at it. Though performance parts are relatively expensive, a few basics are inexpensive and can be applied to the overall performance. 

The aesthetics of a car can do a lot to give an illusion of speed and performance. Adding a full-body wrap of excellent graphics can give you a boosted reputation and help you with the focus and determination to maintain your car’s basic upkeep. Further, when your car looks fantastic, you want to take care of her.  

After you wrap her in a pretty new outfit, you’ll want to improve her working parts and give her more to work with. The cost of this is varied by design, model, and complexity of the body wrap. The average car takes 250 sq ft of vinyl to wrap. This doesn’t include the time and tech it takes to design and format the graphics to fit your needs. The cost of a wrap is reasonably comparable to that of a quality paint job, sitting at $2500-3500.

Tire Pressure

Maintaining adequate tire pressure ensures the wear and tear on your tires is minimized while also increasing the performance of the tires in grip and handling. A midline quality tire that is well maintained and adequately aired up can perform better than a high-priced performance tire that’s been neglected.  

Tire pressure and tread depth can significantly improve safety and fuel economy when kept stable and up to manufacturing standards. Keep an eye on your inflation levels and the symmetrical wear of the tread to ensure your tires give you the best performance they can. The biggest culprit of uneven wear on tires is burnouts and drifting, and you can still create quite the show without ruining your tires. 

Updated Brake Equipment

Just as important as making your car fast, you’ll need to ensure your vehicle can safely slow or stop. A fancy car is nothing when it’s totaled and in a scrapyard. Upgrading your brakes and keeping everything in the braking system maintained and clean will help prolong the life of the system, as well as upkeep the system’s ability to perform under speed and pressure.  

You can change most of the braking system yourself with any mechanical inclination and essential tools. If you’ve any doubt, you can ask a mechanic friend or take your beloved car to the shop. Many drivers find it more economical to study the process through youtube and other video tutorials and give a crack at it themselves.