Why Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers May Not Be the Right Choice to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

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Doing up your patio or backyard with furniture opens up endless possibilities for having a good time with family and friends when the weather is good. However, you need to make proper arrangements to protect your expensive patio furniture from the elements. According to https://godanriver.com, in addition to rain and storms, even the harsh sunshine can cause furniture to fade or crack. Even though the easiest way is to buy covers for them, it can be somewhat confusing to pick the right one because many of the terms used to describe them have similar meanings. One of the greatest issues with customers is whether to choose a waterproof cover or a water-resistant one.

Waterproof Covers – The Pros and Cons

It is easy to assume that since moisture is the biggest enemy of outdoor furniture, waterproof furniture covers should be everyone’s choice. A cover that is advertised as waterproof typically will have the ability to completely block water from soaking through the material and wetting the furniture inside. The true test of a waterproof furniture cover is that after heavy rainfall, or after a very hot day in summer, you should find no trace of moisture on your furniture or the inner surface of the cover.

While waterproof patio furniture covers afford complete water protection from the outside, the problem is due to the heat, dew, and condensation that builds up on the underneath the cover has no way to escape due to the impermeable layer of the cover. Repeated cycles of condensation buildup cause the furniture to become damp and encourage multiple issues like rust, water staining, or the formation of mold and mildew on the surface of the furniture. To get around the problem of condensation building up inside the cover, many manufacturers provide vents that are designed to allow the water vapor to escape and keep the furniture dry. However, if placed improperly, rain or storm water may enter through these vents making a mockery of your investment in a waterproof cover.

Why Consider Waterproof Covers

By their very definition, water-resistant covers are not completely leak proof but will be good enough to stop the ingress of water from a light shower. While this means that the furniture it covers is liable to get damp, the breathable nature of the fabric ensures that any moisture inside, including water vapor and condensation that occurs naturally, can evaporate through the fabric allowing the furniture to dry out. The advantages of using water-resistant covers are many; they prevent rust forming and damaging the painted surfaces, do not allow water stains to develop on the furniture, and also prevent mold and mildew from developing and spoiling the furniture as well as posing a health hazard.


To best protect your patio furniture, you should look out for covers made out of strong fabrics that are water-resistant and allow the furniture to breathe. Even if some amount of dampness may creep inside the covers, the breathable nature of the cover will allow it to evaporate naturally without causing any problems to the furniture. For best results, make sure that the seams are also water-resistant and there are mesh vents provided to facilitate air circulation.

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