5 Different types of websites that can get easily created using Boost360

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Last Updated on March 1, 2022 by azamqasim

Today, most people pay great attention to creating websites for various purposes. Your goal and achievements will reach high with the help of a website in this digitalized world, and don’t ignore the website creation. It is not easy to create a website without deep knowledge, but it is possible when you opt for boost360 with you. It will make all your process easy and simple for creating an excellent website for your requirement. Here are five different websites that can easily be created using Boost360.

5 Different types of websites 

Ecommerce website 

Most people prefer to buy any products online, and demands for offline stores are very less among them. In the end, there is a rise in the online store, and it is also said to be an eCommerce website that allows you to sell various products. The boost360 offers its users to creating a website without any coding language so that anyone can create it. The products will be displayed on an eCommerce website, shopping cart and checkout features, and you can make money online.

Business website 

It is mandatory to have a website for your business in this modern world. One of the top best websites in the list of types is the Business website, and it is slightly similar to an eCommerce website. You can sell certain services through this business website, and it is a great pillar for the growth of any business. The in-built feature of the boost360 helps create the business website to display and describe the services or products offered by you. Business websites include the ticket booking website, etc.


Information is everything, and in recent years blogs have gotten popular on the internet. Blogs are nothing but the type of website that allows you to write long-form content about anything. It includes articles and images or any specific topic such as travel blogs, food blogs etc. Many people gain more knowledge after reading the information written in the blog. Boost360 is best to create a blog website because it has a default templates feature, and you can use it to create blogs.

Personal website 

The next one is the personal website, similar to the portfolio website. Many people use this personal website to show who they are and what they are doing to the world. Most authors and celebrities who have popularity can maintain their websites. It is a favourite hobby for many celebrities and has started their website. Boost360 offers the drag and drop option so that users can easily customize their website to their taste.


The final 5th type of website is the portfolio, and the people should showcase their work. Some working people like architects have to display their past works to capture the new orders, and they use the Boost360 to create this portfolio website. There are various designs available in the boost360 app, and you can use any of them to create an attractive portfolio website for you. A design portfolio and market portfolio depend on your work.

Final thoughts: 

Every website has some purpose, and the boost360 has several amazing features to create it. You can create the websites within 5 minutes, and it is completely hassle-free for you. Thus, the points mentioned above are the five different websites that can easily be created using Boost360.

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