What Are the Best Places To Retire in the World?

What Are the Best Places To Retire in the World?

Last Updated on May 3, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

When you decide to retire abroad, there are certain issues you’ll consider. For example, the location of the country or the city, the quality of life… If you especially move with your family, you’d be pickier about it.

Don’t worry, the below list of the best places to retire will give you a general idea about where to retire. you have Also Read seaworld

Best Countries To Retire

Europe comes to mind when one asks where the best countries to retire from are. Countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Greece have amenities that attract retirees as well as their families. Usually, what they offer is a year-long good climate, developed healthcare services, and affordable life.

You can move to these countries and buy very affordable properties to live in. The well-developed transportation systems in these countries make it easier to move between places.

Let’s start with Greece.


Greece is a suitable country for retirees because of the islands as well as the mainland. The climate in Greece makes it one of the best places to retire: while the summer is hot, the winter is mild here.

If you choose to live in Greece, the astounding landscape and the beaches will be waiting for you. Apart from these, a very cost of living and low taxes are also waiting. You can benefit from public healthcare as well. Cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, and Corfu are some of the best cities to retire.

You may now wonder how to live in Greece as a foreigner. EU citizens can live in Greece as long as they want. Non-EU citizens, however, need a residence permit. US nationals, on the other hand, can live here for up to three months without a permit.

For non-EU citizens, Greece offers an alternative program called Greece Golden Visa. This provides you with a residency right with your family. The only thing to do is to invest in the country accordingly. A €250,000 investment in real estate is enough to make this dream come true.


Portugal is another destination retirees go for. Like Greece, Portugal boasts of great beaches and the ocean. In addition, the real estate market offers affordable properties for buyers. Speaking of which, Portugal Golden Visa allows investors to buy real estate to become residents of the country. Such investors must be from non-EU and non-EEA countries. It also provides you with visa exemption while traveling the Schengen countries.

D7 Visa is another popular option for retirees. You can receive passive income such as a pension and can be a resident in Portugal. D7 Visa also comes with social security benefits.

You can benefit from both public and private healthcare systems in Portugal. The public healthcare system is known as SNS (Serviço Nacional de Saúde).

There are several options in Portugal when it comes to choosing the best cities to retire to. You may decide to live in the city center or near the beach. Portugal offers all: Lisbon, Porto, Cascais, and The Algarve are only a few popular them.


Despite being only a small island, Malta manages to get attention from foreign retirees and expats. A big advantage of this country is that the official language here is English. It’s also a safe and stable country, especially in terms of the political climate. There is also a considerable number of expat groups in Malta.

If you want to retire in Malta, residency is necessary. Malta offers residency permits via its Golden Visa program. There’s also citizenship by investment program that allows both citizenship and residency. It provides a fast route to citizenship: you can be a Maltese citizen in 12 or 36 months. The only thing that changes is the investment amount.

Permanent residents in Malta benefit from public healthcare services. If not a permanent resident, you’ll need private healthcare which is a paid option.

It’s possible to live in city centers or rural areas in Malta. The following cities are some of the best places to retire in the world: Valletta, Sliema, and St. Paul’s Bay.


Another European country that offers the best places to retire is Spain. There are many reasons to retire here: beaches, diverse cuisine, and low cost of living.

You can get a residence visa to be able to live in Spain. The country requires you to demonstrate savings and a regular income.

Like other above-mentioned countries, Spain provides a Golden Visa program, too. Residency in Spain is available with a property purchase or capital investment. The requirement is an investment of at least €500,000.

Public and private healthcare systems are at residents’ service in Spain.

You have many options when choosing the best city to retire to in Spain. While some have beaches or mountains, others can be in the city center or countryside. Some of these great cities include Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, and Malaga.

As you can see, options are many when it comes to choosing the best places to retire in the world. Choose one of these destinations and start a new life today!