What Are The Main Electrical Hazards?

Electrical Hazards

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Electricity is so common in our lives, yet we still manage to forget how dangerous it can be. When we think about the danger electricity can cause, we immediately remember the potential shocks and electrocutions. Electricity can cause dangerous incidents at the worksite. Short circuits and overloaded wires can cause fires and injuries. 

There are several arcs from which short circuits cause it. Short circuits can disintegrate types of equipment. Minor and major electrocutions can take place at your home too. We will be discussing the main electrical hazards in this article. 

Working On Live Circuits:

Working around and on a live circuit is unavoidable at certain times. But, a worker takes a few moments to recognize the time frame of a job. So they won’t be interested in breaking or taking a few safety steps. It can be proved when they don’t work directly on the electrical lines. For instance, a painter will paint around the outlet of a switchboard. 

But accidents can take place whenever with mild contact with a live circuit. It can cause an extreme injury. Even if the worker is not hurt, they will fall back or pass out and end up hurting themselves. Search for Electrician East Melbourne on the web.      

Skipping lockout/Tagout:

Most people working on live circuits tend to avoid the lockout process and their safety protection. The procedures of lockout/Tagout are quite effective when it comes to protecting the workers from electric hazards, even if the steps are time-consuming. 

There are possibilities that electric equipment can burst out while people are working on it. You have to ensure that the current is shut from the switch box, even on low-voltage circuits. You can get a padlock to prevent it from getting re-energized. 

Then you have to name the switches by labelling on them and identify the types of equipment that are out of service. You can hire an electrician by searching for Electrician East Melbourne on the web. 

Forgetting PPE:

PPE is personal protective equipment. For any safety processes of a task, the correct personal protective equipment is necessary, and electrical work is no exception. It depends on the nature of the work and includes materials like face shields, special helmets and rubber insulating gloves. 

A worker has to verify the type of PPE required before initiating a task. They have to inspect the equipment and ensure that it will give appropriate protection. The supervisors at the worksite must verify with the workers that they know the proper usage of the PPE required at the site. You can also look for Concept Electrical Group on the web.    


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we can help you with the most common electrical hazards mentioned above after thorough research for you. Electrical accidents are very common and can happen whenever we are not careful and responsible enough. 

It can cause dangerous situations. One small short circuit can not only cost you but can cause fires as well. The spark of electricity can trigger explosions when work goes around flammable vapors and gases.   

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