What is an Air Track Mat; How to use it?

What is an Air Track Mat; How to use it?

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Air Track Mat is a synthetic soft and smooth plastic sheet which can be rolled out on the floor by air pressure. This mat is usually used in sports such as hockey, basketball and badminton that require balls to bounce. 

Air Track Mat are into two types that are widely used: one inflatable (see picture) and second non-inflatable (the rubber is pre-compressed).

How to Use an Air Track Mat?

1. Layout the Mat on a flat floor or flat surface and inflate with an air pump or compressor. Make sure you have added an equal amount of air on both sides, to prevent one side from being higher than the other side which will provide unfair bounce height for ball games.

2. Connect both sides through a connector which can be removed easily for moving purposes. 

3. You can use a backup plate to make sure the mat does not move when inflated.

4. Remove connector and inflate with high pressure air pump or compressor to provide maximum bounce height during game play!

Do you need an Air Track Mat?

It is very important to have the best quality mats for your exercise training needs. It has been designed by the leading manufacturers and you can rely on its performance. 

These Air Track Mat are made with high quality material, which is very durable. You can choose this mat according to your choice of design and color. This Air Track Mat provides a better training effect.

If you are a gymnast or player or you are into any kind of sport you can use these mats even in your daily practices.  It can be used at home or in a professional gym. 

You can also take it with you during your travel times too; they are that easy to carry and maintain. it’s very easy to clean them after usage, just wipe it dry then fold and put into storage.

Inflate an Air Track Mat, Do you Know how?

First, please connect the blower with the compressor. 

Second, turn on the switch of the motor while adjusting its speed according to the requirement. 

Third, hold down the closing valve while pulling out the hose at high velocity and you will find that an unbreakable and firm Air Track Mat has been formed in seconds!

How to make air go through the inflatable track mat?

First, close the blower nozzle. 

Secondly, stretch out the hose with one hand while hitting on the other end of the hose a few times with a light stick. 

Third, you will find that air bubbles have come out of the hose and air has gotten through the mat!

Air Track Mats for Gymnasts

To play gymnastics on an Air Track Mat, you should use soft soled shoes. If the soles are too hard they may damage the mat. To prevent this, many manufacturers sell adhesive felt floor tiles that can be applied to provide additional padding. 

It can be used for exercises like sit-ups, push-ups as the gymnast’s hips and shoulders will sink below the height of their feet.

If you will be fit, you will have an attractive body by doing regular exercises and you can wear any sexy bikini you want.

Benefits of Using Air Track Mat

1. The main feature of an Air Track Mat is to provide the feeling of ‘giving way’, which allows people to jump over it easily.

2. Air Track Mat does not absorb sweat or water; it keeps the floor dry and clean.

3. The texture of the Air Track Mat enables users to do push-ups smoothly without damaging the wrist joints, hence it protects athletes’ wrists from injury.

4. It is easy to be cleaned up by a vacuum cleaner or brush sweeper after being used for exercising, which means an Air Track Mat should be unrolled and rolled up before it is cleaned, which will take only a few minutes for cleaning.

Which is the best Place to Buy Air Track Mats-

Kameymall is the best place to go for a variety of sports mats. They have a huge selection at great prices, including a wide range of air track mats.

Conclusion –

The Air Track Mat is highly used in the field of sports, especially for Multi-functional gymnasiums. It can be used during badminton games and is not easy to damage due to its durable material. 

The soft surface of the Air Track Mat makes it convenient for athletes to do push-ups without damaging their wrists. It’s easy-clean feature makes it easy to take care of sports enthusiasts, so it is worth being your companion.

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