What is CCIE data center

CCIE data center

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Every professional in the IT industry aims to enhance knowledge for better job opportunities. The certifications from Cisco have especially helped the professionals to achieve better positions in the industry. The CCIE Data Center or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Data Center is a professional expert responsible for the planning, designing, and implementation of the complicated advanced IT data center infrastructure along with complete management of the system.

Responsibilities of CCIE Data Center

A certified professional data center will have a thorough understanding of the requirements of data centers and everything related to device configurations.

  • On completing the certification, you will become an expert who will possess knowledge of the evolving technology and its impact on the architectural framework. You will have extensive knowledge about the deployment models and operations and be conversant with fiber channel protocols and the SAN environment.
  • As the professional Data Center, you will be responsible for implementing SAN and LAN connectivity inside the company’s computing environment. You have to handle the management resources and tasks on different computer servers. Constant monitoring and maintenance of a unified computing environment is also your duty.
  • Through the certification, you will exercise the authority for identifying and resolving the maintenance works and issues in unified computing. Being a professional expert, you will have to maintain the virtualization of cisco nexus implementation security systems. For this, you have to utilize and apply the concepts for channel protocol and SAN environment.

You will also have to install and troubleshoot the physical infrastructure parts that involve switching and controlling.

Role in load balancing

The CCIE data center experts will implement the applications of the data center for better load balancing and higher availability of the computer networks. You can design the data center with troubleshooting actions. As you can view the problems in traffic management, you start designing the solutions related to queuing, shaping, and policing.

Your expertise in the role will help in considering policy and non-policy issues of driven internet connectivity of the fabric. As a professional, you will design, incorporate and define the Cisco cloud technologies. The CCIE data centers will help implement scripting languages like Python or rectification of the Automation issues of the data center.

Use of different tools

The CCIE data center experts can orchestrate the data center with the use of different tools like CPO, UCS, UCSD, and Central. As a professional, you can analyze and evaluate resources with the use of Central UCS and UCSM tools. Any certified professional will be an expert in supporting and installing the file storage protocols.

You will have to take care of the physical and virtual connectivity at the endpoint levels. You will get a useful reference from the top data center training websites regarding how to gather better technical expertise involving LAN and SAN links, rack server integration, fabric ports, and appliance parts.

Certification overview

If you earn the CCIE Data Center certification, it will confirm that your technical skills are at the highest level.


There are as such no formal prerequisites for the CCIE Datacenter certification. You don’t have to possess other professional certifications or prior training courses either. But it is essential to possess profound knowledge of the topics present on the exam blueprints. The cherry on the top will be three to five years of job experience before attempting the certification.

Exam 1: CCIE Data Center Written Exam

The written exam will certify your skills to plan, design, operate, implement, and troubleshoot the complex infrastructure of the Data Center. It will help evaluate the skills to understand the requirements of the Data Centers and how the various components interoperate. You will also gain expertise in translating them to device configurations.

Exam 2: CCIE Data Center Lab Exam

The Lab Exam will be an eight-hour’s long hands-on exam where you have to diagnose, configure, and troubleshoot some intricate Data Center scenarios for a particular specification. Knowledge of troubleshooting is a crucial skill, and you have to interpret and solve the issues as a part of the practical exam.

The difficulty levels of the exams are very high because the certification is only for those who truly gain expertise in the theoretical and practical aspects. Look for guidance from the best online training sites for being top professionals.

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