What to buy when starting golf


Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Saira Farman

Golf can be a particularly expensive hobby. The more seriously you play golf, the more money you might spend. However, before you even consider purchasing the items we’ve listed below, visiting your nearby driving range is a fantastic and inexpensive way to start playing. A medium bucket of balls doesn’t typically cost much, and the majority of golf driving ranges will have rent for free clubs available.

You do not need to buy new things right away because there is a fantastic second-hand market. Since manufacturers develop new clubs every year, golf clubs that are one, two, or even three years old are still in excellent condition and cost a fraction of what new clubs do. 

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs come first, of course. The most clubs you can have on you at once is 14, but you don’t have to have all 14 to begin. A package set or half set made especially for beginners is the greatest place to start.

It’s also crucial to choose the appropriate type of iron, but beginning golfers don’t need to use them. When buying an iron or a set of irons, look for offers and discounts.

Golf Bags

Finding the best golf bag to store your new clubs is the next step. The bag will suit you the best and can be found easily in the market. The simplest way to get started is with a  stand bag. It has two straps so you can carry it on your back, and when you set it down, it stands up by itself.

A pencil bag is an excellent choice for a beginner golfer looking for something highly portable and simple to use that would contain six or seven clubs. You can further explore the market for other types of bags and covers.

Golf Balls

Of course, you’ll need some golf balls when it comes to the equipment you need to start playing! There are also a lot of choices available. If you take your golf seriously, you can buy expensive golf balls. However, you won’t really notice the difference in a cheaper dozen of golf balls if you’re just starting out, so there’s no practical need to spend a lot of money on them.

Golf Shoes

All new golfers ponder whether they should get golf shoes. They wonder whether changing their shoes will actually improve their game or is it really a good investment?

According to the experts, golf shoes can make a great difference to your game. There are a couple of options here too; spikeless golf shoes and spiked shoes.


A good pair of pants and a polo shirt will suffice to ensure that you look the part on the golf course as you first step out. You’ll need some more golf-specific apparel as you play the game more and improve.

Last but not least, is the glove. This is worn during the entire round on the hand that is contrary to how you play; as an example, if you are a right-handed player, wear it on your left hand, and vice versa for left-handed players.


There are a few smaller accessories, like tees to pack in the backpack that will make playing the game a little bit easier and more fun now that you have all the big necessities to get started. You can also purchase a used golf cart for sale to easily transport your golf bag, clubs, and other accessories from one hole to another without the need to carry them on your back.

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