What To Do When Your AC Stops Blowing Cold Air?

What To Do When Your AC Stops Blowing Cold Air?
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On a hot summer afternoon, if you notice that your AC has stopped blowing the cold air, how will you feel? Bad. So what to do next? Air Conditioning Balmain can provide you with some tricks that can come into use when your AC stops.

Power Issues:

Check whether your AC is adequately plugged or not. Though it is fundamental, it needs to be checked at first.

Issues in Thermostat:

It may look good with the power, but if still, the AC is not working, the AC unit may face a thermostat failure. The AC may fail to set the required temperature in the particular room.

Change Air Filter:

If your air filter is dirty, you may consider changing it. If you want your AC to work correctly, the air filter must be cleaned. Every company has different cleaning terms, but generally, after every 2 months, the air filter of the AC needs to be cleaned. If your AC still does not work, the evaporator coils have also become dry. Cleaning the coil yourself will not be a good idea, so you should call upon a professional.

Blocked Condenser To be Unblocked:

When debris and dirt are present throughout the entire outdoor parts of the HVAC system, your AC may not function properly. If you can unblock the blocked condenser by removing the leaves and other debris, you can try your own. But if you do not find it easy, you can call a professional.

Replace Low Refrigerant:

The AC units may decrease the refrigerant power, and the low refrigerant needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If you wait until the AC stops altogether, that may not give you a good outcome. So it is better that you call an expert to replace the refrigerant. The air conditioning Balmain can provide you with the professional services required for the proper functioning of the AC.

Dirty Compressor:

The compressor of the AC unit may become dirty with the lack of cleaning and maintenance. You may try your hand on the cleaning, but for the best results, professional cleaning is required.

Ice Buildup:

If you notice that ice builds up within your AC unit, try running the fan only so that it melts down. This function can be done by yourself, and for the best results, professionals can be called.

Clogged Drain:

As the AC absorbs moisture from the air, the drain pipe may become clogged due to the water passage through the pipe. If the drain is not clean, the pipe can be replaced.

When It Comes To Your AC, Trust The Professionals!

The Sydney Air Conditioning Services may help you in the professional services of the cleaning and the maintenance of your AC unit. If power and thermostat issues are alright, you should check on the condenser, compressor, and refrigerant. If you doubt which component of the AC unit needs to be taken care of, you should always call the experts. They remain just a call away.

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