What to know about outdoor spas?

about outdoor spas

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A spa is a great place for relaxation and to reward yourself for all of the stress that you deal with. Taking the time to relax at a spa and allow your tired muscles some relief is something that you may expect when you go away. You may not think you can have this at your home. It is possible to have a spa at your home. There are many options so you can find the one that is best for your home.

Here are several things you need to think about when you are looking for an at-home outdoor spa.

Design Requirements

You need to think about the main features that you want from your spa. You may be using the massage features for health reasons. You may want a place to hang out. All of this may sound good to you.

The spa that is selected will determine if you get everything you want. You need to take your time and do some search. You will also need to decide if you want a spa that is portable, prefabricated, or is built-in. You will need to look at the different types and find the pros and cons of one that meets your needs.

Remedial Spa

A remedial spa is purchased from a specialist. It is made from fiberglass and composite. This spa can be molded into different chairs and it has jets that can be positioned to help the areas of need.

It is portable and can be put on an option of different bases. You can even put one on a deck as long as it is strong enough to hold it. You can put the spa in a pre-dug area of the ground but you need to make sure you can access it. There also needs to be room for drainage. You can have a TV and lighting around this spa.

The spa should look like it belongs in the home and should be stylish. When adding a portable spa it is important to make the spa look like it belongs.


If you decide on a concrete spa you should look for one that will be visually pleasing. These spas are often integrated into a pool. They can be built as a stand-alone. They are nice but expensive. You can add a spa to a concrete pool at any time but you should find a reliable builder. These spas can be on the ground or above ground.

You may want to create a four-sided wet area. This will have a reflection like a pond. You can also have the spa attached to a deck. Building composite decking tiles around the spa is also a popular choice these days for homes in Melbourne, as composite deck are more water resistant than traditional wooden decks.

There is a downside to a concrete spa. They will take up a lot more space than a portable spa and you will need to find a place to hide the equipment. They do not have molded seats or as many jets.

Social Spa

If you are looking for a spa so you can have friends or family over you can go the portable or concrete route. You will want space inside of a fence or close to other features such as a fire pit. The portable spa can have some of the better benefits and it can be more visually appealing. They will also come with a sound system and build TV screen.


This should be another important thing to look at when you want to add a spa to your property. You will need to become familiar with the regulations. Pool regulations often apply to a spa. You will need to have a barrier such as a locking gain that will fit the current standards. You will need to look at the surrounding areas such as adding a fence.

You will need a building permit to put up a spa and you should not add water until the safety barrier is up and has been approved.


Size does matter for a spa. Bigger may not be better. You may want to think about how many people are going to use it. If there are only two you do not want to get one too big to hear and maintain. If you want to have people over you may need the bigger spa. The 2×2 meter spa will seat six people but can hold up to eight.

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