Where to buy an apartment in Alanya

Where to buy an apartment in Alanya

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If you decide to buy an apartment in Alanya, then we will give you some tips on choosing the area to buy. After all, as you know, the comfort of your vacation and the availability of the necessary living conditions largely depend on the correct choice of the area. Namely, these factors most fully characterize the correctness of choosing an apartment in Turkey. You can check out prices for apartments in Alanya on Turk.Estate website.

Property in the city

First of all, of course, we will consider apartments in Alanya in the city center. It is here that most of the historical sights are located and it is here that thousands of tourists seek. It is always quite noisy here and therefore apartments in the center are not very suitable for relaxation. Plus, not an unimportant drawback is their relatively high cost, and the complete absence of new construction does not attract those who want to get hold of real estate for recreation. Although from the commercial side, real estate in the center is one of the most successful purchases.

For recreation, it is better to buy an apartment in Alanya in the Oba area. This area is almost comparable in price to the center, but it is less crowded, there are practically no office premises and there are many park areas. This area was created as a calm one, and here everything is thought out to the maximum for relaxation. The number of stories of building here is small and rarely exceeds 5 floors. Renting out a flat in Alanya, if it is located in this area, is much easier.

Real estate in the suburbs

Other attractive areas for obtaining property are located mainly outside the city. 

  1. First of all, of course, we will single out the city of Mahmutlar, which is popular among foreigners. It is located just 8 kilometers from the center of Alanya and, thanks to a well-developed infrastructure, is quite in demand. It is dominated by multi-story buildings, and all the houses are located near the sea.
  2. The suburb of Alanya – Tosmur is also actively developing. High-rise buildings also prevail here, but since the area is being actively built up, it is quite difficult to say about its complete structure. Alanya apartments here have good prospects for value growth, and the close location of the popular Dim Chay holiday destination makes this area more popular.
  3. Also in recent years, the village of Kestel is being built up more and more actively. It has been untouched by construction for a long time and there is a large number of extremely attractive lands. This area has not yet been fully formed, so the cost of real estate here is not high. At the same time, renting an apartment in Alanya in this area is also easy due to the presence of magnificent beaches. All these presented areas are located quite close to the city and have excellent transport links with the center.

Real estate in Turkey

When buying houses in Turkey, photos and videos cannot always convey all the nuances of real estate. Therefore, the best option is a personal inspection, or at least inspection by trusted persons, such as employees of Turk.Estate real estate agency. In addition to inspecting, they will be able to provide you with legal assistance when buying your home in Alanya.

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