Why Cannot I Post on My Instagram Story?

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Instagram launched the story feature in 2016 and since then more than 400 million Instagram users have been using the story feature. It’s not for nothing that the story feature is one of the most popular plugins in social media history. Stories can only be viewed 24 hours a day, making them valuable and tempting users to watch them immediately. Since the narratives of the stories take place in real time, it creates the impression that we are watching the lives of our followers through a window. Followers you’ll get from 1394ta can help to increase the engagement for your stories.

Do Instagram stories have any shortcomings? Users often complain that Instagram does not allow them to add posts to their stories or that the posts they add take a long time to load.

It can be very annoying not to be able to share your carefully prepared picture or video on your Instagram story. If you are running a business account with Instagram stories in your digital marketing plan, not being able to share them will waste money and time. If you need any story views to have the expected campaign effect, go get some from 1394ta.

There is no need to worry If you are experiencing these problems. Here is the answer to the question why can’t I post on my Instagram story.

Why is Instagram not posting?

There are several possible reasons why you cannot share stories on Instagram.

Your internet may be down or not fast enough.

The video or picture you want to share may violate Instagram policies.

your content may not be in the right sizes for Instagram.

Your account may have been shadowbanned by Instagram.

Ways to Fix Instagram Story Not Posting

Now that you’ve learned the possible reasons why you can’t share stories on Instagram, it’s time to learn how to fix them.

Check Your Internet Connection

 The first thing to do before trying other methods is to check your internet connection. Connect to the internet via wifi or cellular data. If you are already connected to the internet, turn off the internet and after a while turn it back on and join the network.

remember that Instagram is often overloaded due to user traffic. when this happens, your internet connection may actually be seamless and fast, but it may not be able to handle excessive data usage. The best solution for this is to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Check your account

Application-related software problems may be the reason why you cannot share on your Instagram story. To resolve this issue, log out and re-enter your account.

– Open the Instagram app and go to your profile

-Click on the three lines in the upper right corner of the page

– Find the settings

-You will see the log-out option at the bottom.

-Confirm the logout

After waiting for a while, log in again and try to post your story.

 Reinstall app

Sometimes logging out of your account may not be enough to fix software problems. In this case, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app.

-Go to your phone’s settings.

-Find Instagram app

– See the Manage applications Instagram option

– Click on uninstall

Search for Instagram app in the play store or google store and download it again. Try posting on your story with your new app without previous problems.

Update Instagram

If your app issues are still not resolved, we have one last piece of advice for you. Using the latest updated version of the Instagram app prevents you from experiencing app-related problems. to update your Instagram app:

-go to the app store and play store

-Find Instagram in the search section.

-Click ‘update’ next to the app icon.

Don’t bother to update your Instagram account every time there is a new update. Make sure your Instagram auto-update option is turned on. Go to app settings on your phone and turn on auto update. Also when it come’s to visibility, don’t bother to think it is because you did not updated your app, sometimes you may not get the visibility you expected. 1394ta will provide what you need!

Clear Data

The accumulated cache data of applications can sometimes cause the application to slow down or not work. We recommend you clean the app cache periodically to solve the problem of not being able to post on your Instagram story.

Clearing the Instagram cache is a very simple process. It is enough to tap clear data and reinstall Instagram app on your iPhone.

To clear Instagram cache memory on android device you should go to settings and tap storage. Click other apps and find Instagram on the list. Click on the Instagram app icon. You will see the clear cache button with a trash icon underneath it. Click it and now unnecessary storage is cleared.

Change the video or picture size

The reason why Instagram can’t process your images may be that the video or image doesn’t match the Instagram story size. Edit your content to fit the Instagram video and picture format.

To post photos, the size limit is: 1080px by 1080px for square posts.

To post videos, the format is : H.264 codec/ MP4. The duration of the video should be between 3 and 60 seconds.

Why can’t post music on my story?

Do you have a business account and want to add music to make your content more engaging while sharing it in your story?

Unfortunately, business account users can not add music to their Instagram stories. Due to copyright rules, this regulation prevents users to violate Instagram policies.

Monitor your content

Instagram, like every social media platform, has rules that should not be violated. These rules are to protect Instagram from harmful content and fake users. 

Trying to share content that violates Instagram’s policy will result in not being able to share stories on Instagram. Here are the points you should pay attention to when creating your content in order not to violate the Instagram rules.To get more likes to your content try to buy some from 1394ta.

-Do not use hashtags unrelated to the content in the post you will share.

-Try not to use banned hashtags. If you want to find out which hashtags are banned, just download and use any tag tool from the play store.

-Do not use harmful or insulting language in the text part while sharing the story

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