Why do you need car detailing services regularly?

Car detailing services

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Having your car cleaned thoroughly by a professional has many benefits. Drivers who want to keep their cars in pristine condition while retaining their value may be interested in auto detailing. Someone may object: “Why do I need detailing? Can I drive the car to the car wash and do everything myself?”. But there is a huge difference between car detailing services and them.

Drivers are divided into two types. The first can safely watch how the children pour juice on the back seat and scratch the interior with popcorn. The second ones blow off dust particles from surfaces and get a microinfarction every time the door is slammed harder than necessary. Detailing was invented for the second – confused car enthusiasts who are willing to spend time and money taking care of their favorite car.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing, in simple terms, is a set of services aimed at cleaning a car and its parts. Detailing is much more accurate and labor-intensive than conventional washing: the body and interior are disassembled into their component parts manually. Detailing is often compared to a car spa because of the cleaning of hard-to-reach places and small parts that accumulate dirt and dust.

What is the difference between detailing and washing? Everyone can wash a car, but the detailing service is performed by experienced professionals using the right methods and high-quality cleaning products that cannot damage even the most delicate upholstery and do not leave scratches and damage to expensive surfaces. After such services, your car will look and drive like new – this is the main advantage of detailing care.

Not everyone knows the name of the detailing master. A person who polishes, repaints, cleans, and provides other car maintenance services at a detailing center is called a detailer. To summarize:

The main purpose of a conventional car wash is to get rid of dirt, dust, salt, or other debris that builds up in a car over time. As a rule, the main attention is paid to its appearance, and washing of the chassis and surface cleaning of the interior with a vacuum cleaner may also be required.

The main goal of detailing is to return the car to its original shape and make it brand new. It involves carefully examining every inch of the car to remove any dirt, dust, grease and grime that could damage it. Detailing is usually done by a professional automotive technician using proven cleaning products and specialty products. equipment.

What are the main services provided by detailing?

So, what do they do in the detailing center and what services are worth going there, and what services can you get at a regular car wash?

Car detailing services can be divided into the following types:

Exterior detailing. During the detailing of the exterior of the car, the master sprays and wipes the car body with special products manually. First of all, car exterior detailing covers washing of rims, door handles and glass, polishing, sealing, waxing, engine cleaning, headlight polishing, bumper repair and other work related to the body. Often such services are used to maintain the appearance of expensive cars, which must be flawless.

Car interior detailing – interior cleaning. Work on the interior of the car includes cleaning carpets, ceiling, seats, and trunk from dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner, brush or steam, glass cleaning, leather finishing, and perfumery.

Full car detailing is a combination of external and internal car cleaning, the range of services of which may vary. In most cases, the package includes waxing, leather car seat cleaning, washing, and stain removal. At the request of drivers, detailing includes additional services such as cleaning the engine, repairing the bumper, repainting the trim, restoring the headlights, removing stains, cleaning pet hair, and much more, depending on the condition of the car.

Car restoration. Some detailing centers specialize in high-quality restoration of crashed cars after an accident, for example. If everything is done well in the detailing studio, this service will make the car look better than it was before the breakdown. A complete restoration of a car can take up to a few weeks, depending on its condition – it will take time to clean them, get rid of the smallest scratches and put them in order.

Some additional detailing services include:

  • shampooing floor mats, seats and upholstery;
  • skin treatment;
  • tissue protection;
  • cleaning the interior and trunk with a vacuum cleaner;
  • wheel cleaning;
  • headlight restoration;
  • glass processing;
  • engine cleaning;
  • external polishing and car wax protection.

The main advantages of auto detailing

Restores value

You probably invest a lot of time and money in your car, so why not protect it? Regular detailing can significantly increase the resale value of your car.

Improved appearance

A good car refinisher will fix all the stains, crusts, scratches and dents on your car. It will help to get rid of even unpleasant odors emanating from your car. You will be shocked when you see the transformed appearance of your car.

Attention to detail

With experience, as well as professional tools and products, a detailing specialist will be able to clean nooks and crannies that you probably didn’t even know existed. A systematic approach will result in a professional doing their job much better and faster than you.

Better fuel economy

Thorough cleaning of the engine, like the rest of the car, helps to reduce gas mileage. A perfectly cleaned machine has less wind resistance, resulting in less power needed to run it. An engine that is free of dirt and sludge will also run at maximum power.

Increased security

Detailing a car will eliminate any potential safety hazards it may have been exposed to. The clean exterior ensures maximum visibility while driving, while the immaculate interior provides clean air to breathe.

How much does detailing cost?

What is included in the cost of car detailing? The price may be related to the service package chosen, the make, size, or condition of your car, the quality of the materials used, or the experience and location of the detailing center.

MNV Auto Detailing: One of the best car detailing centers in Toronto

MNV Auto Detailing has been providing automobile detailing in Toronto and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. The firm exclusively employs high-quality, safe, and proven items. They employ an Optima steamer, which is a prominent steam machine in the field of automobile washing and sanitizing. MNV Auto Detailing is a qualified Ceramic Pro ceramic coating installer, and we have years of experience in automobile protection. 

The firm also does steam cleaning and mobile auto detailing in Toronto, using the same equipment we use in the shop, and they guarantee the same results. MNV Auto Detailing is a one-stop shop for all of your automobile cleaning and maintenance needs, including car wax, shine, paint correction, ceramic coating, inside cleaning, steam cleaning, interior shampoo, engine cleaning, tinting, scratch removal, and paint protection.

MNV Auto Detailing provides clients with Ceramic PRO. Ceramic PRO is a transparent, multi-layerable liquid Nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will change itself to a permanent, sturdy, yet flexible glass cover on the surface. Ceramic Pro is an extra clear coat with three times the toughness and self-cleaning qualities. It has been thoroughly tested by SGS, the world’s premier independent testing organization.

Here are the main benefits of Ceramic PRO:


The coating is super hydrophobic causing any dirt, dust or grime to simply encapsulate on the surface and roll off.

Superior hardness 9H

Tested and proven to be above 9H in hardness, this coating is the strongest and most durable on the market.

UV resistance

Its UV inhibiting properties will prevent any fading or aging from damaging UV rays on any substrate.

Oxidation barrier

Create a protective layer that seals whatever surface it is applied to, preventing both oxidation and corrosion.

Strong durability

Unlike other protective products, Ceramic Pro provides permanent protection that can only be removed through heavy abrasion.

Extreme gloss

The protective glass-shield makes the surface extremely glossy and sleek, preventing bird droppings, tar, dirt, stains and so forth from bonding.

Minor scuff resistant

The hardness of the coating will prevent the surface from becoming damaged by scuffs and minor scratches.

Eliminates chemicals

Ceramic Pro’s extreme hydrophobic effect makes cleaning easier with no harsh and environmentally harming chemicals required.

If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality car detailing company, we recommend that you turn to MNV Auto Detailing. Professional car detailing services in Toronto is the art and the craft of cleaning and restoring the interior and exterior detail of a vehicle to like-new condition. This auto detailing service is much more precise and labor-intensive than getting a car wash. It is throughout the cleaning and removing all the stains and bringing it back to its original condition. Ceramic coating in Toronto is a must have to protect your car.

Professionals usually use tools and chemicals that aren’t accessible to the public, which will help them achieve better results in a shorter time. This process can be done at car detailing shops or as a mobile car detailing service, which makes the process more convenient for the customer.

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