WordPress Web Development Trends 2024: A Glimpse into the Future 

WordPress Web Development

Last Updated on November 18, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

Recognised as the most widely used Content Management Systems in the world, WordPress stands as the platform of choice for over 40 % of all websites on the internet. As a platform, it has continually revolutionized the way websites are created, managed, and experienced. While we move ahead to embrace 2024, adopting WordPress web development checklist of emerging trends becomes critical for building innovative and user-friendly websites.  

Let’s discover interesting evolutionary trends likely to rule the WordPress Web Development in 2024 that can help you stay ahead of the curve.  

  1. Emergence of Headless WordPress  

The emergence of Headless WordPress website architecture has enabled WordPress developers to break the boundaries of WordPress backend so it can function seamlessly with other frontend alternatives. With headless WordPress, developers can now create tailored frontends for websites, mobile apps, and similar digital experiences. Additionally, you can access content via an API, making it easy for developers to integrate WordPress content into apps and websites. 

  1. Rise of AI Integration in WordPress websites 

WordPress development is likely to see rising use of artificial intelligence in content development, chatbots, and website personalization. In near future, you can expect to see more AI applications integration into WordPress websites, especially in e-commerce and education. Using AI/ML you can create intuitive and highly responsive websites to deliver optimized user experiences. Furthermore, the world will see smarter AI plugins offering advanced chatbots, superior AI website builders, new content tools, and robust automated workflows. 

  1. Multi-Author Blogs Collaboration  

Phase 3 of the Gutenberg project is soon going to introduce features demanded by multi-author blogs and eLearning sites.  These features will make WordPress more collaborative as multiple authors will be able to work on the same write-up and suggest potential edits in real-time. Authors and editors will be able to participate in threaded discussions taking place right inside the WordPress content editor, fostering ease of collaboration on multi-Author blogs. 

  1. Multi Lingual Support in WordPress Core 

Now you no longer need to install and configure multilingual plugins to change a website’s language depending on the visitor’s geographical location. Besides, developers can do away with the need of independently maintaining plugins, supporting their users, and adding more languages. With the launch of Gutenberg phase 4 in 2024/25, you will be able to see much needed multilingual features added in WordPress core. It will enable you to translate website content into user’s supported languages. That’s how you can reach a global audience and ultimately boost your website traffic. 

  1. Rapid Growth of E-commerce  

The eCommerce market has grown at a tremendous pace in the past decade and WordPress is expected to embrace this growth by powering more online stores in the future. Today, WooCommerce stands as the most popular eCommerce plugin that enables businesses to set up and manage online stores, ultimately expanding their reach to a global audience. Besides WooCommerce, you will find numerous other plugins for WordPress that come with a unique set of benefits and features. There are some plugins that are exclusively crafted for digital products while others are meant for subscriptions and recurring payments.  

  1. Gutenberg Editor Adoption 

The game changing Gutenberg editor that came with WordPress 5.0 enables you to build pages using blocks instead of short codes and HTML. Developers use this block-based approach to create complex layouts and designs. Going forward, we would expect to see more plugins and themes crafted for the Gutenberg editor. It will assist developers in creating custom websites as per unique business needs. 

  1. New & Improved Accessibility 

The WordPress community aims to integrate cutting-edge technologies such as voice search to deliver interactive and highly customized digital experiences. To enhance website accessibility for all, WordPress-driven websites implement voice recognition technology that eases accessibility for people with disabilities. In 2024, WordPress developers are expected to implement keyboard navigation features, and use proper markups as accessibility guidelines.  

  1. Improved web Security 

In 2024, ensuring Website security is going to be the topmost priority for WordPress developers. This emphasized security can be attributed to increasing vulnerabilities and hackers becoming more sophisticated. To protect WordPress websites from potential attacks, WordPress has come up with features like automatic updates, robust user authentication methods, better encryption, improved firewalls and stronger password policies. 

  1. PHP Support 

With WordPress Core discontinuing support for PHP 5, the adoption of newer PHP versions is likely to reach an all-time high in 2024. It simply signals that we may need to say goodbye to PHP 7.X sooner than anticipated and have to keep WordPress updated. A prudent decision would be to look for a new managed WordPress hosting provider to fully leverage the potential of the latest PHP releases.  

The Bottom Line 

Headless WordPress, Mobile-first design, AI Integration in WordPress websites, Dark mode UI, Gutenberg Editor Adoption, rapid eCommerce growth, etc. are emerging trends likely to be adopted for WordPress web development in 2024. By keeping these hot WordPress development trends for 2024 in mind, developers will be able to create innovative and engaging websites aligning with the users’ needs. The only way to harness the full potential of WordPress and implement these trends is to Hire dedicated WordPress developers. These skilled professionals are adept at delivering WordPress websites that will allow you to stay competitive while offering exceptional user-experiences.  

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