X ways decluttering can increase your productivity at work


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It is said that your space is a reflection of your mind. Therefore, a neat and tidy workspace improves your productivity and constructive thinking. However, like most people, the chances are that you have some area around you that still needs decluttering. Perhaps, your desk is littered with papers, or your pull-out drawer is full of useless stationery items.

Decluttering is all about deciding if an item placed at its current place actually belongs there. At your workplace, it means keeping things at their most appropriate place. It also means removing junk from a work area where it does not belong.

Keeping things at their designated places helps us bring a refreshing change, allowing us to identify what constitutes clutter in our workspace. People whose workspaces are cluttered feel overwhelmed and, at times, suffocated. Hence, it’s time you tidy up your surroundings to feel happier, more relaxed, and fresh.

We know that disposing of junk is not an easy task. It is pretty time-consuming if you do it yourself. Also, we know many people feel guilty about throwing away stuff. As a result, junk hoarders are commonly found in all offices. However, savvy young millennials know that Commercial Junk Removal is extremely important to keep offices free from unnecessary items.

Now let’s look at the benefits of decluttering your surroundings and how it can enhance your productivity.

You have less mess to clean:

Owning few precessions is always beneficial than hoarding stuff. Lesser possessions mean less mess to clean. We all know that cleaning consumes a lot of time – therefore, the more things you have, the more time you’ll spend organizing them, and in the longer run, it’ll impact your productivity negatively. Think about it, you can use this time and energy on more important jobs, only by possessing fewer material things.

Secondly, less clutter would also make it easier for you to find belongings. Essential items wouldn’t disappear under stacks of paper anymore. A clean desk will help you quickly spot necessary materials.

Work with less distraction:

Clutter might appear harmless at first sight, but there is no denying that junk, whether in the house or the workplace, creates a distraction. It causes absolute disorder, chaos, confusion – and it doesn’t let you focus on your work.

Imagine you’re looking for an important document, and you come across an old presentation you made a year back. Unfortunately, a hoarder would get distracted easily, and the next thing you know, you’ve spent an hour looking through that old presentation, losing precious time which you could’ve used to tick off one thing from your to-do list.

Besides, when you have an organized office space, there are high chances that you might start keeping things at their designated places. You’re more likely to regularly throw away junk items and store old files neatly in labeled card boxes. These days, many people have started saving electronic versions of documents on their laptops instead of storing away files.

You can get in the working spirit quickly:

If you get into the habit of decluttering your working desk and surroundings regularly, you’ll experience a high work spirit and feel quite energetic. You’ll want to come to work early morning every day. You’ll enter your office smiling because you’ll see a clean, crisp desk waiting to welcome you. Morning teas and coffees will start tasting better. You’ll notice that you’ll even begin to dress up for work, despite not being a morning person!

You will automatically categorize all your belongings. An organized workspace will reflect on your performance positively. And, who knows, your fantastic work performance might even get a promotion!

Have sufficient space:

Another benefit of decluttering is it provides you sufficient space to sit and move around your office comfortably. For example, since your desk won’t have piles and piles of paperwork, you’ll have enough room to place your elbows on the desk while typing away on your laptop. Similarly, you wouldn’t have to keep your water bottles under the desk. Instead, you can neatly place them in the corner of your desk.

Besides, you’ll have a place to keep a flower pot or a decorative item on your desk. It’ll look good.

Less chance of injuries:

Imagine stumblingover card boxes or entangled wires at work one fine morning or knocking over a glass of water because your desk doesn’t have enough space. How would that feel? We bet, not well. Junk can cause injuries if not cleared away timely.

Also, it’s imperative to adopt a minimalist approach when it comes to small workstations. In offices with space constraints, junk can mess up the place, making it difficult to breathe or move around without bumping into other people.

Improved mental and emotional health:

Clutter can lead to mental and emotional health problems. People who live in cluttered homes or offices are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, back pain, and other physiological disorders than those who keep a clean space. They also tend to be less satisfied with their professional lives overall. As a consequence, they’re less productive.

An apparent positive impact of decluttering is reduced stress. According to the University of Minnesota study, people who work in an orderly environment are four times more likely to reach their goals than those who don’t have littered places. The same goes for entrepreneurs – they also get better results (and enjoy working much more) when they know where everything is and can find them quickly if needed.

Boosts creativity:

With organized workspaces, there is more room to think. They enhance your morale and offer more room for creativity and decoration. After you’ve cleaned your desk, you’ll notice that your colleagues will start coming over to your cubicle more. Your workstation will look more welcoming. Firstly, you’ll feel happier because you’ll have a sense of control over your surroundings. Secondly, it’ll help you think out-of-box and focus on the more significant, better, and bold corporate objectives.

Also, your organized desk will make life easier for the people who have their workstations next to yours!


A cluttered space is an ideal place for bacteria and germs. It is challenging to work in a chaotic room full of junk. Try decluttering your workspace to reorient your mind, enhance your concentration, lift your morale, and focus entirely on work that matters.

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