Why Should You Buy Cruiser Bikes for Long Distance Traveling?

Cruiser Bikes

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Saira Farman

Cruiser motorcycles are a fantasy of every biker with even an ounce of wanderlust in them. Long roads, scenic beauty and a beautiful bike whose low-slung stance, and wide handlebars offer a combination that promises a comfortable journey. However, in India, the concerns raised about cruiser bikes are about the city rideability and its practicality. Cruiser bikes are indeed the first choice when it comes to long-distance riding and touring, but the factors that make it a good option for regular commuting should also be taken into consideration.

Design and comfort:

These are specifically designed for extended trips on flat, paved roads and flaunts a design meant to facilitate laid-back, fatigue-free and comfortable rides. The high and wide handlebars provide a unique riding posture and help in getting a better view of the road. The footpegs are placed near the engine and away from the rider’s body and the seat is low, thus allowing small riders to reach the ground with their legs easily. As the name suggests, cruisers promise a leisurely experience for long journeys and with good riding posture, there is less strain on the rider’s body and muscles.


Cruisers fall under the segment of premium motorcycles and thus, cost more than regular commuter bikes. The factors which add to its price are – a larger tank capacity, the stylish design that gives cruisers its classic retro look and adds to the comfort, and the chromed components of the motorbike. However, if your priority is to buy a stylish, yet hassle-free vehicle, there are tons of Bike Finance plans you can avail to support you. Cruisers are an excellent choice when compared to other options in the same price bracket.


The comfort factor contributes significantly when it comes to the beginner-friendliness of these bikes. With the low seats and low centre of gravity, it becomes significantly easier for a leaner to handle it. The acceleration is calm and linear, which provides the learner with confidence and comfort. Although all types of two-wheelers have an initial learning curve, riding a small, entry-level Cruiser Bike in India makes the process less daunting.


Cruisers can allow long-distance commutes ranging from 200 km to 500 kilometres in one day. They have a bigger tank capacity which directly results in a better range. Some of the entry-level cruisers have engine capacities of sub-200cc and power output up to 20 bhp, while others are between 200-600cc and offer more power. Some luxury cruisers offer an engine capacity up to 1200cc with a power output up to 80 bhp. Bigger tanks result in lesser fuel stops overall.

Personalised look and acceXZssories

Cruiser motorcycles beat standard motorcycles when it comes to travel accessories. Cruisers are often modified with touring bags, extended seats, sometimes even radios and wind fairings and decorated with chrome bits and logos to give a personalised look. They also have a good pillion seat space and come with the option of a pillion backrest. The addition of these accessories makes journeys incredibly comfortable and fun for the riders.


The biggest concern while buying cruiser motorcycles is the fact that they tend to have a bulkier build because of bigger tank capacity. This makes them slightly problematic when it comes to maneuvering through the rush hour traffic. For riders who use straight open roads for travelling, even within a crowded city, shall face no problems when it comes to cruiser motorcycles. However, navigating narrow streets in these bikes is not very practically feasible.

The demand and popularity of cruiser bikes are a result of its powerful presence and stylish, yet comfortable design. They are a breed of motorcycles that provide a very immersive riding experience, especially when you are embarking on a long expedition, but are also stylish and practical enough to be used for the fast-developing Indian roads.

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