7 Yummy Foods to Serve your Guests This Christmas 


Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

The Christmas party menu is the cornerstone of any holiday event, and it can make or break the success of a festive get-together. So when you’re planning that perfect party, it’s important to take your time and create a menu with unique and delicious dishes. 

A well-crafted Christmas party menu is more than just an excuse to eat lots of great food; it can be the emotional centrepiece that keeps guests coming back year after year.This article will share some yummy and mouth-watering ideas for Christmas food that your guests will love. Let’s take  a look –  

Holiday Sugar Cookies[Text Wrapping Break] 

There are many traditional Christmas recipes that are tried and true. One of the most sought after is holiday sugar cookies, traditionally made with shortening, flour, cocoa powder, eggs, and vanilla extract. 

Sugar cookies are a traditional Christmas cookie that is sought after by many people. There are many recipes, but the most common ingredients are shortening, flour, cocoa powder and eggs. This recipe is a traditional Christmas dessert that has been popular in Europe for centuries. 

This sweet, buttery, crisp sugar cookie is a perfect addition to your Christmas table. The dough can be made ahead of time and baked the day before. 

The end result is a buttery, flaky, crisp sugar cookie that will delight everyone at your holiday gathering! 

Mashed Potatoes[Text Wrapping Break] 

Serve these yummy mashed potatoes to your guests this Christmas. 

Mashed potato is a versatile dish. It’s often seen as comfort food, but it can also be dressed up with different flavour profiles, such as bacon and chives or garlic and parsley, or put in interesting twists like these spiced potatoes. 

Christmas is just around the corner, and that makes mashed potatoes a perfect side dish for any festive meal. 

Apple Cider 

Apple Cider is a great holiday drink with a cinnamon and apple flavour. This spiced-up drink pairs well with some yummy foods to serve your guests this Christmas. Some main ways are served warm, cold, in a mug or cocktail glass, and even on ice. 

Apple cider is served hot as an accompaniment for turkey and sometimes on toast for breakfast after Thanksgiving dinner. 

It also makes for a refreshing drink on its own with ginger ale or ginger beer. 

Cranberry Sauce[Text Wrapping Break] 

Cranberry sauce is a festive food that is also very delicious. It goes well with turkey and ham and any other Italian dish. 

It’s not complicated to make cranberry sauce, but when you’re hosting a large Christmas dinner, it can be difficult to find the time. With an automated machine like the Cranapple Sauce Maker, you will have the perfect serving of cranberry sauce in no time at all! 

Cran Apple Sauce Maker is an automatic machine that makes homemade cranberry sauce for your guests in minutes—making it easier for busy hosts to serve up fresh cranberries throughout the year without worrying about finding time during the busy season. 

Gingerbread Man Cookies[Text Wrapping Break] 

Gingerbread Men are some of the most popular Christmas Cookies, but you may want to serve up something a little different this year. One of the most interesting cookies around is the gingerbread man cookie. Traditionally, these cookies have a white frosting with a gingerbread man on top. Before serving them up, you should also try to find out how your guests incorporate ginger into their diet.[Text Wrapping Break] 

To get the best taste out of these cookies, it would be advisable to use sourdough bread. You can find fresh and soft bread at youkneadsourdough.com.au/.  

Ham[Text Wrapping Break] 

Ham is a Christmas dish that can be served in many different ways. But this Christmas, what are you going to serve your guests? Here are some yummy food ideas to serve your guests this holiday season. 

Some of these dishes include Honey Glazed Ham and Apple Cider Glazed Ham. 

Eggnog[Text Wrapping Break] 

Eggnog is a popular beverage that has been enjoyed in North America and Europe since the Middle Ages. It is also a popular drink in many countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

Eggnog is a very popular holiday drink that people love to serve their guests during the winter season.