ZETA-1 Mall Islamabad 

ZETA-1 Mall Islamabad 

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ZETA 1 is a new mixed-use development in Islamabad’s business district. Without a doubt, Zeta 1 is a project that has everything a person might want. On the lower levels, it provides luxurious residences as well as an elegant shopping centre. It is the focus of interest for seasoned investors and house searchers, since it is equipped with all necessary facilities and amenities. This project ensures both quality and timeliness.

Zeta 1 is a building that is unquestionably a work of modern architecture. It is, in essence, the ultimate of extravagance with exquisite characteristics. Above all, Zeta 1 is a Zaraj Group Builder project. This developer is well known for the Zaraj Housing Scheme in Islamabad’s Zone 5. It excels at exploiting various geographical terrains. 

Furthermore, Sfeir & Ghoul architects, a Lebanese-based architectural firm known as SG Architects, has been entrusted with the architectural design of this project.

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Zeta 1 is located just across from Giga Mall. The Aquatic Mall, Builders Mall, D Mall, and many more important commercial projects are all within walking distance of Zeta 1 Location. Meanwhile, it is close to residential developments like as Bahria Town, DHA 3 and Canyon Views.

Plan of the House:

The Zeta 1 floor plan is simple to comprehend. It is a seven-story building in the centre of Islamabad. Furthermore, the lavish exteriors and dynamic interiors make it a work of art. The building’s front elevation is eye-catching and captivating.

Parking is plentiful in the Zeta 1 Floor Plan. It has parking spots for more than 85 automobiles on the lower ground floor. Commercial establishments may be found from the ground floor to the second storey. 

There will be 323 retail outlets with worldwide apparel, shoes, cosmetics, furniture, and all major brands in total. On the third floor, there is also a gaming zone and a food court. Safe and enjoyable rides, as well as gaming arcades.


This is a massive project set in a peaceful location. It is on its way to become a contemporary lifestyle, with all world level facilities. The following are some of the project’s key features:

  • CCTV surveillance
  • Uninterrupted electrical supply
  • Backup Power
  • Earthquake Buildings that are resilient
  • Parking Space with Central Air Conditioning Food Court Fitness Center Bank
  • Café and restaurant
  • Apartments for rent in luxury


Zeta 1’s NOC has been authorised by the CDA. CDA/D-BC-II-6(21)/ZHS/Zone-V/2018/311 is the reference number for the Zeta 1 NOC. Furthermore, it is the sole CDA-approved project in Islamabad Zone-5.

Developer Information:

It is a Zaraj Group Builders project. Zaraj Group Builders has a strong presence in the Twin Cities real estate market. It is well-known for the Zaraj Housing Scheme. This house project is unquestionably flawless. The company aspires to handle and manage a variety of residential and commercial operations. Zaraj Group Builders seeks to give inhabitants with world-class facilities and amenities.

Meanwhile, SG Architects is the project’s primary architectural company. This architectural business aspires to develop a professional approach toward services and client satisfaction. It delivers the best answer for each design problem. It develops structures that are the epitome of aesthetic and financial harmony in one location.

Status of Development:

The project site is currently surrounded by a boundary wall. Furthermore, heavy equipment has already arrived on the scene. The procedure of digging and breaking ground has begun.

Nearby Landmarks & Places: The project is located near a number of well-known developments, including:

  • Bahria Town Zaraj Housing Scheme, Defence Housing Authority (DHA)
  • Views of Canyons
  • Islamabad River Garden on the Expressway
  • Defense Villas on Kahuta Road
  • River Gardens is a place where you may relax and
  • Intellect Village of Bahria

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