10 reasons to have a website these days

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Nowadays, having a blog or website has become commonplace. Every company necessarily has a website. Why that? Because digital selling is a concrete reality. Although in India, 40% of the population still does not have access or know how to use the Internet, according to a survey by Indian Association of cyber space in 2019.

However, just under 10 years ago, this inclusion was still an ongoing project, especially in developing countries. Only a more privileged part of the world population had access to the World Wide Web.

However, with the implementation of the Internet and the encouragement of both governments and the private sector, this scenario has changed radically. With the intention of including the productive population in the labor market, formal education has integrated itself with the Internet.

Web address

Thus, knowledge about the use of computers has become an elementary requirement for almost the entire world population. In this way, the famous address of the network – the “WWW” has become both recognized and the greatest means of visibility for all companies.

Currently, it is not enough for a company to have only one physical location. Because the desired product may be miles away from the customer. The biggest advantage of having a website is the reach, because access is worldwide and communication between people today is essentially through digital media.

Website x Digital Marketing: A fundamental partnership

Undoubtedly, nowadays, websites are for companies just as oxygen is for all nature. The relationship is appealing, but it is anyway.

This is because the virtual address is often the customer’s only contact with the desired product.

Therefore, nowadays every company needs to have a website to leverage and take off in their business.

Thus, it is important to emphasize here that, above all other benefits of having a website is its relationship with digital marketing.

The relationship with Marketing

It is customary to always link marketing to the commercial of a company as its primary function is the dissemination of a product / brand. However, the most appropriate thing should be to relate it to the brand instead of the product because it is a more generic and more comprehensive term.

In this sense, marketing is not always aimed at direct selling itself. It can only be a proposal for disclosure, a branding of the brand, for awareness and choice by the customer about a service or product.

So, when talking about conversion, loyalty and lead, for example, the reference will be the brand, whatever it may be.

Anyway, below is a practical guide on the need for companies to have a website, listing the great advantages arising from this action?

10 reasons to own a website

Understanding the motivations for which so many successful Ecommerce website development companies have chosen to have a website is the first step in the development of a business. Especially in times when the world is so globalized and interconnected. Especially because it is through the website that a company is able to broaden its horizons and reach new customers.

1. Increase visibility

Above all, as previously mentioned, the main reason is to achieve wide visibility. The company will be on the network and will have the possibility to be seen all over the world.

However, there are rules for building websites to be observed to achieve good positioning, especially SEO. These are rules that range from the site’s architecture to its content.

2. Instruct the customer

Second is one of the great achievements of today’s digital marketing, which consists of educating customers? That is, training the customer in the knowledge about the product / brand that is intended to be promoted / disseminated.

In other words, through relevant content, showing authority over the researched item, the user will be able to enjoy a pleasant experience. He has brand awareness, that is, he understands the brand the better the content.

Thus, prospecting is effective, generating conversion (conversion) and turning potential consumers into real leads.

3. Communication with the customer

Third is ease of communication and customer service. The construction of the sites follows the technological evolution, in such a way that, through applications, new software, robotics, the services provided through the website itself are a facilitating and less expensive reality.

The customer is encouraged to leave messages, suggestions, adhere to plans, and fill out forms agreeing with terms of services, in short. All this, so that he has the best experience, aiming at his loyalty.

These actions also have the benefit of reducing company costs, which end up being an indirect form of return on investment (ROI).

4. SEO

In addition, another reason for having a website is its direct relationship with digital marketing.

Digital marketing strategies leverage and accelerate the growth of companies. One of the great drawbacks of inbound marketing is to carry out actions through the link building of the sites. SEO strategy.

The buildings link are ports of entry and exit to / from external actions. They indicate to the user, the company’s social networks, for example, among other sites that have authority over the searched item. This measure generates engagement with the brand, returning more traffic to the site itself via shares.

So, what was said here about some rules that must be obeyed when building the site, creating a design including link buildings is one of them?

Even building a website today can be reduced in cost from minimum to zero, when using free WordPress- type software.

Similarly, although it is feasible to build on your own initiative, this cannot be done without proper instruction. Otherwise, it can be shot in water.

Therefore, it is even better to hand over the task to a specialist to obtain the best result and as quickly as possible.

5. Organic traffic

Similarly, the website already has in its favor, the search engines that index the sites, also going through the sifting of the SEO rules. The most powerful of them, Google, favors sites that align with these rules, ranking them in the best positions.

Consequently, the website is found by the user through organic search, without any need to pay anything for it. The Google “grants” for free this privilege to friendly sites.

6. Metrics

Incidentally, speaking of Google, it also offers a series of website optimization tools, such as data analysis metrics.

The Metrics evaluate the performance of the website and / or other deviations for possible corrections, if necessary. The Google Analytics is one such example, widely known.

These are extremely important actions, carried out periodically to keep the website well ranked by Google.

Certainly, the metrics offered online are also a good reason to have a website. As initially listed, companies, especially those new to the market, have the basic premise of investing sparingly in costs. Nothing better than a complete and effective online package to analyze data that is automatically analyzed by virtual platforms.

7. Availability

Certainly, having a website ensures that the company’s doors are open permanently. There is no holiday, vacation, weekend that takes the business down.

Here again comes the perfect construction and maintenance of the website to ensure good service and an excellent user experience.

8. Change is needed

The dynamics of the market structure is in the public domain, especially in the face of competitiveness. Therefore, actions aimed at recycling and updating products and services are fundamental.

In effect, the renewal of a company’s catalogs and portfolio undergoes changes within this dynamic. The digital environment follows this dynamic and provides a rapid change in the flow of information.

It also has the advantage of being ecofriendly, because it avoids making printed material.

9. Visual and responsiveness

Still, having a site that is friendly by the rules of SEO, responsive, fast loading, demonstrates professionalism. In this case, appearance is essential, because the website is the business card of the company.

Hardly, people prefer to enter a poorly arranged environment, with a rough appearance, is not it? So it is with the website. It is the headquarters of a company on the Internet.

10. Digital marketing

Finally, and in fact, closing with what was said initially, digital marketing is the great benefactor of websites. Ads that can run on the network are much less expensive and have great potential for sales results. In addition, it is clear from the advantage of organic search.

Anyway, whether by computer or tablet, or even cell phone, nowadays, a large part of the population accesses the Internet.

This is the reason above all others for your company to build a website.