2023 is the Right Year to Set up an Offshore Company! 


Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Offshore companies in 2023 are as popular as ever! Though the offshore jurisdictions are gradually becoming more transparent and differ much from what they were 20 years ago, they still offer appealing conditions that attract entrepreneurs from all over the world. Tax evasion, money laundering, aggressive tax optimization schemes, or similar illegal activities are out of the question, of course. Don’t expect absolute anonymity, either. And still – you will have more confidentiality, pay lower taxes, and have much less headache with reporting than if you opt for a non-offshore jurisdiction. The choice is yours! 

Welcome to our portal if you want to know more about offshore company registration procedure. Our experts work in all popular jurisdictions of the world, and we write about international business, banking, investment (including investment in real estate and citizenship-by-investment program), asset protection, and more. You can follow the link and book a free initial session to make a decision about the best jurisdiction or bank for your needs – our specialists will analyze your situation at no charge! And if you want a smooth experience when it comes to company opening, we will take all the administrative steps and set up your company online for a moderate fee. Feel free to contact us! 

Why Form an Offshore Company? 

Offshore company registration is a straightforward procedure that does not usually require much effort, while your assets are reliably protected. Why not? Many entrepreneurs form and run their companies remotely from the comfort of their homes. If things are good and stable in their country of residence, they can simply stay where they are. And if the situation deteriorates, they can pack their bags and head for the country where they have a business. A great Plan B, isn’t it? 

Digital nomads also like offshore companies as they get a lot of benefits (including low taxes), a beautiful environment to live in, and well-developed infrastructure that makes their business activities possible.  

Here are the standard perks offered by offshore companies: 

  • Bullet-proof asset protection 
  • Low taxes (that sometimes equal zero) 
  • Strong data protection for beneficial owners 
  • Reporting requirements are reduced to a minimum 

Purpose of Offshore Company Setup 

Let’s look at what you get when you set up an offshore company: 

  • Easy import and export operations across the world 
  • Direct access to numerous global markets 
  • Set up an inheritance trust to manage and diversify inheritance assets 
  • Protect the beneficial owner’s data in the best way possible 
  • Making investments in foreign real estate to protect assets or develop business 
  • Form a holding company or a trust in an offshore jurisdiction 
  • Easier cooperation with business partners across the world 
  • Enhanced ownership rights protection 
  • Access to a wider variety of banking services, including loans on more beneficial terms 
  • A possibility to establish and manage your company remotely 

Choosing a Jurisdiction for the Goal 

Choosing a proper jurisdiction is not very easy. However, it is a much less difficult process if you know the main business goals: 

  • If your top priority is asset protection, you will hardly find better destinations than Belize and Nevis. 
  • If you are going to trade with Chinese or Asian Pacific partners, opt for Singapore or Hong Kong as potential jurisdictions for company formation. You can set up a company in one jurisdiction and a bank account in the other one to diversify. 
  • If you are going to launch a gambling business and need a license, the best place to set up a company is Costa Rica or Curacao as they easily issue gambling licenses. 
  • If you intend to target the US market, you can form a company in the USA (in this case, Wyoming, Delaware, or Nevada will be the best states as they offer good conditions) or outside – in Panama, Costa Rica, or one of the Caribbean countries. 
  • Need to obtain a banking license? The most suitable jurisdictions in this case are Vanuatu, Saint Lucia, Panama, and Puerto Rico. 
  • Finally, if your goal is to launch a financial start-up, opt for Estonia, Luxembourg, Ireland, or the UK. 

Offshore Company Registration Procedure 

You will need at least two weeks to register an offshore company as each step takes some time. 

Step 1: Select the Jurisdiction 

You can do it on your own or with a consultant. The right choice is the combination of the following moves: 

  • Consider the terms and risks 
  • Define your target market 
  • Decide which resources you need for your business 
  • Define the purpose of your business 
  • Look through the applicable laws 
  • Analyze the trends in the business field 
  • Study the requirements for company incorporation 
  • Choose the bank (this is one of the most important points!) 

If that sounds difficult, simply click on the above link for free help. 

Step 2: Registration 

  • Choose a company name that complies with all the requirements in a specific jurisdiction (it should be unique in most cases, so come up with a few options) 
  • Receive your company documents (Articles of Association, and so on) 
  • Get a registered address in the relevant country (or rent an office if you need to) 
  • Select a registered agent (it’s mandatory! You cannot incorporate an offshore company without a local agent) 
  • Collect a package of documents (we will give you all the necessary recommendations and double-check the documents) 
  • Set up your management and accounting processes (if you need to submit accounting reports in the specific jurisdiction) 
  • Open a bank account (you can use our pre-approval service that will allow you to understand at an early stage whether the bank is ready to onboard you as a corporate client) 

Step 3. Fees 

Here are the fees you usually have to pay: 

  • Fee for the registered agent’s services 
  • A fixed state duty 
  • A license fee (optional) 
  • Fee for compliance with substance requirements (country-specific) 
  • Fee for the agent’s annual non-financial report 
  • Courier services to deliver your documents 

Interested in offshore company establishment? Click on the link to read more details, including the types of companies you can form, or get in touch with an expert straight away. We wish you success in your business endeavors!