5 Common Teacher Experiences that will Make You Feel Less Alone in China

Teaching experiences

Last Updated on December 27, 2022 by Faiza Murtaza

China is one of the most highly sought-after teaching destinations in the world. The country has numerous prestigious schools and learning institutions looking for a teacher to teach their students English and other subjects. Getting an opportunity to teach English in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, or any other city in China is exciting, transformative and a life-changing experience. Moving to a new country might feel challenging or intimidating. However, preparing yourself ahead of time will ease the tension and help you overcome the challenges and unexpected experiences in your new teaching job in school. Below are some teaching experiences that will make you feel less alone in China.

Enjoy your class and make it a priority

English-speaking teachers might face some challenges while teaching oral English in China. This is because students might not take the class seriously like the Chinese or math class. It would be essential to make your class a priority so that you do not feel less alone while teaching the students. It would be best to understand that students sometimes face pressure from the competitive exams to enter college and high school. Thus, enjoying your class and encouraging students to see your class as a vital learning experience while being creative in teaching your lesson is important.  

Gaining attention and respect from your students

Sometimes you might face difficulties while teaching since students might take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the class expectations and the school. Due to this situation, you might feel alone due to the unpleasant experience with students. You can enrich your teaching experiences by talking to a teacher who knows how to deal with and engage with the students well. The teacher can advise you on how to manage the students and possibly help you out in the first few days to gain respect and attention and have enriching teaching experiences.

Encourage interactions and discussions

One way of having excellent teaching experiences and dealing with many students and large classes is by encouraging constructive class discussions among the students. Discussion groups help students to interact while enhancing student-to-student collaboration, which is the ultimate desire for many teachers. You can share discussion questions, allowing students to discuss, and critique each other’s work and come-up with answers. This will create an interactive experience between you and the students.

Understand the school’s workplace culture

A new teacher teaching in Beijing or various reputable schools in Shanghai might find it challenging to adapt quickly to the new school and teaching environment. This might make you feel lonely while trying to adjust to the new school environment. One way to get through this challenge is to observe how things run in the workplace. Learning Chinese culture in advance is essential to prepare you for any unexpected changes or experiences that may occur in the workplace.

Have a clearly defined relationship with students

The teacher needs to define a clear relationship with their students to have a more meaningful and respectful relationship between the teacher and students. Students might be eager to spend more time with you, especially if you live in a teacher dormitory on your school’s campus. You can have interactions with your students outside the class. However, setting boundaries is vital to enhance meaningful and respectful relationships with your students.

It’s vital to learn how to be adaptable and flexible while teaching in China since it will provide you with an outstanding teaching experience that will make you feel less alone. Preparing in advance for your new teaching role will make it easy for you to interact easily with teachers and students and have an excellent teaching experience.

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