Everything You Should Know About Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Toronto

Everything You Should Know About Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Toronto

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Cabinets are what serve the whole beauty of your kitchen. If designed well, they can make the boring kitchen lively. They don’t only serve as aesthetics in your kitchen. Sometimes the countertops in the kitchen are heavier than usual. Therefore, the cabinet serves as a valuable bone for heavy countertops.

Upgrading your cabinets may be more feasible than getting your cabinets completely replaced. This upgrading is known as kitchen cabinet refacing Toronto. All you ever need to know about refacing procedure is stated below:

Cabinet Refacing

To explain in simple words, replacing the frames of drawers and doors of your cabinets is known as cabinet refacing. 

Cabinet refacing enhances the overall quality of your kitchen. Suppose your cabinets can last longer. It is suggested to get them resurfaced instead of investing more money on new cabinets.

How Much Time and Money do I need? 

The effects of cabinet refacing on your budget are significant. The affordability criteria go way around feasibility while opting for refacing. It is half of the actual cost that we would bear while going for new cabinets. 

It could be that choosing high-end hardware may lead to a higher cost. Even so, the cost will still have an effective margin than the actual cost.

When the time constraint is taken into consideration, it is important to understand that not taking out the whole cabinet saves you a lot of time. Moreover, since you’re not putting things entirely new. You don’t need to stay away from the kitchen much longer. Always remember to ask your painter to be the paint calculator for you. This would help you determine the costs.

Aesthetic Customization

When working on wooden cabinets, it is quite easy to change your strict working look when refacing cabinets, there is a multitude of available customization options available, so it’s a great way to not only enhance the outlook of your cabinets but the quality as well. The paint calculator provided by your painter could also help in determining the time required and estimating the cost.

Functional Customization

If you’ve ever wished for a drawer where a cabinet used to be, refacing might be the answer. While you’ll have to replace cabinets to change your kitchen’s main layout, installing a sink on an island or changing a lower cabinet to a pair of drawers is simple.

Even when a lower cabinet includes shelving to arrange stuff, getting to the items inside can be difficult. You can successfully bring objects out to you with a set of drawers.

Smart Addition 

When you reface your cabinets, it’s the ideal time to incorporate some of the smart storage solutions that have been increasingly popular in recent years. Drawer peg systems are one of the most frequent. 

They’re just plain wooden pegs colored to match the interior of your drawer, so no complex technology is required. They’re useful for keeping mugs, plates, bowls, and other objects organized and accessible. Additional inserts can be utilized to help organize spices and cutlery in cabinets and drawers.

Final Verdict:

Kitchen cabinet refacing Toronto is a well-known home renovation procedure. That allows you to update your kitchen cabinets without having to replace them. Covering exposed frames with plastic laminate or real wood veneer is a creative way to update your kitchen. 

To match the new veneer, you’ll need to replace the drawer fronts and doors on existing cabinets. For the finest effect, you may choose to replace the knobs, hinges, molding, and pulls.

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