The Age of the Modern Gas Fireplace Has Arrived

    The Age of the Modern Gas Fireplace Has Arrived

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    The ambiance of burning wood has attracted and served people for thousands of years – bringing warmth, light to the night sky, and a platform to feed one’s family and friends. A fireplace has found its place as a focal point in most living or family rooms. Years ago, it was a staple of every kitchen as well. It often serves as the ideal spot for family and friends to gather for some fun or conversation. 

    If you love the coziness and warmth a fire provides but don’t have the time or desire to properly (and safely) maintain a wood-burning fireplace, then you should consider a modern gas.

    A modern gas fireplace offers flickered, controlled flames that throw heat like a real fire. But it does so with ultra-modern convenience – without back-breaking wood chopping, splitting, or stacking that would typically be needed for a more conventional type of fireplace. 

    Some of the cutting-edge modern gas fireplaces can be controlled through a mobile application, voice control, or a simple remote that is manufactured and included with this functional but artful piece. Many gas fireplaces are constructed in a way that makes it challenging to know if the fireplace is real (or not) if you are not truly paying attention. 

    Ventless vs. Direct Vent Fireplaces

    Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

    direct vent gas fireplace is recognized to be the most common style of fireplace available. Its traditional design requires a connection (or a flue) to release gases (like carbon monoxide) and other fumes, which can be dangerous. Modern versions of direct vent gas fireplaces include high-tech options that also effectively improve how the gas fireplace retains its own heat. 

    Direct vent gas fireplaces have the option to be vented through a ceiling/roof or a home’s exterior wall, which makes them immensely flexible in terms of their placement. Many contemporary fireplaces now offer stylized flames, panoramic views, metal borders, and black or colored glass that pushes design limits to new boundaries without having to give up the fire’s function, beauty, and ambiance. 

    Ventless Gas Fireplaces

    A ventless fireplace, which can be installed with relative simplicity, operates without the need to use a chimney, flue, or outside connection for gases to escape. A ventless gas fireplace is built and designed for the heat to be trapped in the unit and home. As a result, ventless gas fireplaces tend to be more energy efficient because there is no place for the heat to escape. 

    A ventless gas fireplace offers the same coziness as a traditional fireplace but does so in a more cost-effective and practical way. 

    The Take-Away

    The ambiance, mood, and atmosphere of a room can be modified with a gas fireplace, which has the ability to create a modern vibe, combining easy warmth and comfort. The fireplace can be designed to be placed anywhere on a wall, including at eye level, for a truly stunning effect.

    Contemporary gas fireplaces are often designed to be the focal point in the room; however, many are used to offer a natural and beautiful division of space within a room. Before making a purchase decision, it is essential for homeowners to understand the difference between modern ventless and direct vent fireplaces – to make sure their purchase meets their needs.