How can estate agencies use an instant valuation marketing tool to generate leads?

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An instant evaluation tool has become a hit among potential sellers, landlords and estate agents. Of course, in the current real estate market, there are hundreds and hundreds of instant valuation tools to choose from. For estate agencies and websites, as well as estate agents in the UK, an instant valuation tool is actually a great way to increase website visits, generate traffic and promote the brand. For landlords, investors and potential sellers, an instant valuation tool is a great way to find out the valuation of their property, on the spot, without paying hefty fees. In essence, it is a win-win situation for everyone. Here is how an estate agency can use an instant valuation tool for marketing and brand promotion.

Use it to increase website traffic

Estate agencies spend thousands and thousands of pounds on marketing their website, and their services. By adding a simple, instant valuation tool, agencies can drastically increase website traffic. In fact, nowadays, estate agency websites with instant valuation tools have become the industry standard. Thanks to this, thousands of potential sellers and landlords can simply go online, enter basic details and find out the value of their property, from the comfort of their homes! By having an instant free valuation tool on your website, an agency will be able to generate thousands of leads every week. The more traffic on your website, the more leads to your agency. It’s really a win-win situation for everyone.

Promote your product

While you may have an instant valuation tool on your website, there is no point in having it if people do not know about it. Hence, it is very important for estate agencies to promote this valuation tool. Think of this as a marketing strategy – by promoting your instant valuation tool to potential sellers, investors and landlords, you will be able to increase your website traffic, which in turn will generate more leads. And, by making your instant valuation tool as accurate as possible, you are also able to create brand security. In order to generate leads, you need to promote your best-selling product. To do so, you need to promote this instant valuation tool – basically, when you promote your website on Google Advertisements, use the instant valuation tool as a call-to-action button. So, when people see targeted advertisements for your website, they will see a call-to-action button which will allow them to instantly evaluate their property.

Use this tool to make new contacts

This is basically for your backend team. If there is a potential seller who has visited your website and taken the time to fill in all the necessary details to find out the value of their property, consider this to be a red-hot lead! More often than not, this individual is serious about selling and is looking for estate agents to help close a deal. Estate agencies should reach out to such people via a call or an email, and use this instant valuation tool to generate leads, and potentially find a new client! Offer to do market appraisals and physical evaluations of the property to get a more accurate valuation – this will increase brand awareness and the individual will see your estate agency as a proactive and professional agency.

Create marketing strategies around the product

In order to really generate leads from an instant valuation tool, you need to create marketing strategies around this tool. So, if you are looking to place targeted advertisements for potential sellers who are looking to sell their property within 3 months, use ‘call to action’ buttons to allow this individual to get a free instant valuation. Similarly, when you are meeting with potential clients or you see a ‘for sale’ sign on a house, you can ask these individuals to make use of the instant valuation tool on your website to have a fair idea of what their property is worth. Basically, you need to focus your online and offline marketing strategies to promote the tool, and hence increase brand awareness which will further help in lead generation.

Think of it like this – when an individual uses an instant valuation tool on your website, that is his or her first interaction with your estate agency. Try to make the process as seamless and user friendly as possible. You could have follow-up calls for hot leads and even use this as an opportunity for email marketing. Keep in mind, it can take up to four or five months for a seller to decide on an agent or agency, so patience and persistence are key.

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