Agents Clogging Your Drain

drain repairs in Adelaide
drain repairs in Adelaide

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As water is an abundant natural resource on the planet, you hardly think about it until you face clogged drains. The drain repairs in Adelaide can help you solve your clogged drains.

Clogged drains can be caused due to various agents like food, diapers, feminine products, hair, toilet paper, etc. Combined, the gutters can get clogged with one or many agents.

Human Hair or Animal Fur:

Animal fur or human hair can act as agents for clogging your drain. They can get knotted up with materials like grease or soap and worsen the situation. The clogs can affect the bathtubs, sinks, and shower drains.

Grease Or Oil:

When oil or grease gets solidified, it can cause severe problems to the drains. Running hot water may not solve the problem if the solidification has occurred for a long time.

Diapers or Wipes:

Human waste or toilet paper can be flushed, but the wipes and diapers are heavy for flowing through the drains. When used in excess, the toilet paper can also cause clogging. 

Cotton Swabs or Feminine Products:

These agents never dissolve or break down after flushing. Tampons can also grow ten times their size when they absorb the liquid.

Cat Litter:

As they are composed of sand, silica, and clay, they can absorb moisture and create lumps. This will lead to large blockage in your drains.

Plants or Leaves:

Leaves or plants can enter through the external drains and cause clogging. This mostly occurs during the fall season when trees shed their leaves.

Build-Up Of Minerals:

Due to hard water, minerals can deposit over time and cause blockage in your drains.


The soap scum, the residue after washing, can cause deposits over time. The drains can get clogged in the shower, laundry or bathroom drains. When combined with other materials, such as dirt or human hair, the soap residue can cause clogs.

Food Waste:

Though you maintain proper garbage disposal, sometimes coffee grounds or tea leaves can go through the kitchen sinks. This food waste does not dissolve and can create a blockage.

Tiny Solid Objects:

When children play, or by mistake, tiny objects or small toys can be accidentally flushed through shower drains or kitchen sinks. These can act as agents for clogging your drain. The blocked drains statewide can be caused due to tiny objects flushed by every home in that state.

Offset Pipes:

The traditional pipes are made in sections of 3 feet and made of clay and concrete. These pipes can be moved upwards, which can affect the flow. The drainage gets affected as this takes place against gravity while flowing from homes to the municipal sewage system.


As you know about the agents that cause clogging in your drainage system, you should try preventing them from flowing through the drains. The drain repairs in Adelaide can help you fix the problems if you face the clogged gutters. However, no matter how attractive your fixtures and appliances are, they are prone to blockage if the agents flow through the drains.

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