Alcohol Withdrawal, Detoxification and Rehabilitation in Thane

Alcohol Withdrawal

Last Updated on March 12, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

In the absence of alcohol, the body is gripping: Withdrawal symptoms that are even life threatening might develop during detoxification. Removal and weaning will therefore help to overcome alcoholism.

A steep flight of escalators with many steps is the route out of alcohol addiction. While some alcoholics can get rid of addiction without external assistance, for some people it is not only too harsh, but even deadly to stop drinking.

Therefore, the first step should always be a family doctor visit, addiction experts are recommended. Diagnosis is made by means of specific drinking behaviour questions and liver values are determined. Alcoholics then select together with the doctor if they need to visit a counselling centre or to refer to a treatment clinic. Leaving alcohol takes place in three phases.


Physical detoxification occurs at the beginning. It can be done on a stay or ambulatory basis over three to five days. Alcohol is left out at that time, which can lead to potentially serious symptoms of withdrawal. For example, sweat, tremors and irritation, but withdrawal symptoms might even risk life in individual circumstances.


The actual withdrawal therapy, usually 2-3 weeks, is followed by the physical detox. During this period, the patient is participating in individual and group therapy, in which the desire for abstinence is strengthened through talks.

Anyone who is concerned about their alcohol consumption will find self-help programs on the Internet and can contact a counseling center anonymously and free of charge. You will find search engines on the websites of various Alcohol rehabilitation centre in Thane that you can use to find a counseling center in the area. Such offices often also offer advice over the phone or via the Internet.

Many people with a drinking problem feel ashamed or blame themselves for it. However, alcohol problems are common and have nothing to do with guilt or personal weakness. Those who manage to admit their alcohol problem and get support show courage and a sense of responsibility. In retrospect, many of those affected wish that they had managed to accept help sooner.

Changing your drinking habits requires motivation and commitment. A first possibility is free self-help programs on the Internet. There are many strategies that can help reduce alcohol consumption. But it is also important to be clear about why you use alcohol in certain situations. Because often it’s not about enjoyment at all. There are many good reasons to drink less alcohol. But that’s not that easy: Alcohol is widely accepted in our society and almost always available. Sometimes you are even expected to drink alcohol. If you have decided to be more careful with alcohol, you have already made an important first step.

Why do alcoholics have to change their behavior by hand? Ultimately, however, the person suffering from the various symptoms of alcohol addiction has to rethink his or her actions and classify them as pathological. Only then can inpatient treatment in an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Thane with qualified alcohol detoxification and alcohol cessation take place. Only in this way can people affected by an addiction find their way back to a normal life in the long term and overcome their mental and physical dependency.

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