All You Need to Know About Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rails

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For new homeowners, interior design and decoration require a lot of research, patience and effort. However, it is also something worth investing in. A small piece of décor can instantly change a room’s perspective. A painting on the wall can uplift your mood. The position of your desks can improve productivity.

It is important to blend practicality, aesthetics, and luxury into your space. This approach should be applied in the main parts of the house, even in the bathroom. Aside from mirrors, rugs, and plants, heated towel rails are needed, not just for their purpose but also to give a modern touch to your bathroom.

Why You Need a Heated Towel Rail

A heated towel rail functions as a heater and as a platform to place your bath towels. It was first used around the 1980s as an accessory in elite hotels. Nowadays, it is integrated into many urban houses and apartments.

Aside from keeping your towels dry and warm, the rail can be an effective bathroom heater. Smaller rails used mainly for hand towels may not be as effective as full-sized ones. A huge benefit of using heated towel rails is that they do not take up so much space, unlike the typical, bulky radiators.

A towel rail might give off less heat than a radiator due to its size or the bathroom’s dimensions. However, a towel rail is a more cost-effective option. If you want to have a towel rail that can effectively heat the whole room, it is advised to take the room’s measurement and contact a rail service near you so they can better assess the size you need.

Depending on the brand and model, towel rails may have four to ten bars and come in white, black, or silver metal colours. It can be visualised as a ladder-like structure that is very minimal in style. Other manufacturers have polished or brushed stainless steel options to complement your bathroom’s design.

How To Operate A Heated Towel Rail

There are two types of towel rail:

  • Plumbed: The plumbed type is directly connected to your central heating system and powered by a boiler. It will only work when the heating system of your house is on and will automatically shut down once the heating is off.
  • Electric: The electric type works through your main electric switch and can be easily turned on or off by a switch.

A heated towel rail can be left on overnight. However, this is unnecessary since most people will be asleep and will not be needing heat in the bathroom.

Having a heated towel rail can effectively warm up the bathroom while giving it a modern style and twist. It also saves a lot of space and is cheaper than using a normal radiator. You can choose from the plumbed or electric type towel rail and select from different colours and finishes. In order to benefit from effective bathroom heating, it is advised to pick a compatible towel rail size.

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