Think OOH: An Effective Way to Promote Your Business

Think OOH: An Effective Way to Promote Your Business

Last Updated on March 6, 2022 by azamqasim

What is OOH? OOH stands for out-of-home advertising, also known by other names such as outdoor advertising, outdoor media, etc. Businesses employ this type of advertising for various reasons. Whether it is a large conglomerate or a local company focussed specifically catering to its community, out-of-home advertising is, and can be, used by organisations of all sizes.

It encompasses a wide array of advertising techniques. To advertise their brands, products and services, companies can use posters, billboards, custom truck decals, car decals, free-standing display units, to name a few.  

Why Choose OOH?


Out-of-Home advertising has a vast potential to create an impact on the viewer’s mind. As they have a physical presence, one cannot skip or use an ad blocker to avoid them. Placed strategically at the right place, they are bound to grab the viewer’s attention. 

Brand awareness and recall

Consider this, a study conducted by Nielson discovered that 46% of its adult respondents searched for a brand online after having first seen an OOH advertisement of the brand. It means outdoor advertising raises brand awareness and amplifies the brand recall factor in viewers. 

Of course, an outdoor advertisement is less directly actionable than online paid search advertising. But these provide great opportunities to showcase non-conversion aspects of your brand, such as brand values, attitudes or opinions on a current situation and more. 

Brand announcements 

Out-of-home advertisements are effective while making announcements, especially if it is a local business. Several multinational brands had come up with creative outdoor advertisement ideas in the recent past to woo their customers during and after the pandemic lockdowns.

Brands can make announcements regarding product launches, upcoming events, new discounts or schemes and geographically promote them. OOH, advertisements are highly effective in complementing online advertising efforts.

Ideas for OOH advertising 


These are the most widely used and seen outdoor advertisements. Previously billboards were only static, i.e. they did not have moving components. But now, with the advancement in technology, they have turned digital with engaging moving graphical elements. 

Although costlier than the other options on the list, they are undoubtedly attention-grabbing if placed strategically.

Truck decals and ads

Companies can contact agencies that provide truck side advertising services or get custom truck decals with brand name and logo installed on company vehicles. Many organisations prefer this type of advertisement as they are cheaper than the other options on the list and can provide a high return on investment. Also, their mobility ensures that they have the best community reach, be it local or national.

Street furniture

Park benches, parking garages, bus shelters, digital and non-digital kiosks all come under street furniture. These are excellent places for targeting potential customers with company posters, placards and billboards. This type of advertising allows imbibing humour, attractive shapes and eye-catching designs, making them share-worthy online.  

Skoda recently introduced digital screens in selected shopping malls as per the new Covid-19 guidelines in the UK. Their design enabled people to interact with them through hand gestures and book test drives for Skoda’s new SUVs!