What do top analytics companies in India expect from a budding analyst?

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Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Umer Malik

The weightage of responsibilities

Understandably, the responsibilities that are bestowed upon a data analyst are crucial for any venture. And for the top analytics companies in India, the dependence is high and the responsibilities are of epic proportions. Thus employers tend to hire experienced and adept data professionals and avoid making risky hires. This article is dedicated to elaborating the traits top analytics companies in India look for in their data analysts. So, an enthusiast looking forward to a career in data analytics can find all the necessary information that matters.

The expectations


A data analyst is expected to be a versatile instrument for making data-dependent predictions. Thus they can be placed in a plethora of sectors. Entire sectors and even multi-divisional commercial entities can have one or two analysts at the helm of navigation through this temporal precariousness. Thus budding analysts need to be communicative, indifferent, and compassionate towards their teammates. Regardless of their professional and cultural backgrounds.


Adeptness does not come cheap. It requires practice. In an industrial setting, the amount of data an analyst handles is gargantuan in volume and without necessary practice the task is impossible. In this era of data abundance, there is no excuse left for not availing of this practice. Furthermore, thanks to the dependence on data in the commercial and public sectors it is easy to find a good internship without much of a hassle. And the contemporary institutes are known for industry-aligned curricula that can help in relevant skill development.

Communication skills

Communication skills for a data analyst are not restricted to communicating for usual things. Communicating the analytics results is also of paramount importance.  A data analyst must make sure all the interested parties understand their roles in detail and the most comprehensive manner possible. The visualizations should be lucid enough for even the most inept individuals. So that the workforce can become aware of the bigger picture and play their roles accordingly.

Relevant and updated skills

Studying from a leading institute is often enough for developing a set of relevant skills that matter on the front. A long-standing and reputed institute is expected to have faculty members with enough experience of transforming entire batches of students into professionals. Thus, the curriculum they are expected to offer must be updated at a regular interval. And should be aligned with the contemporary industry demands. And through their well-settled alumni, the teachers are expected to be of great help in placing students in internships and skill development programs. And a tenure in such an institute is expected to yield a fulfilling experience. And prepare students for the best possible career in data analytics. And due to the regular update effort, the skills a student acquires from a certain course, are to remain relevant for a long time to come.

Frontline experience

Understandably, top analytics companies in India are always looking for people with relevant experiences developed on the frontlines. The aforementioned expectations can not be satisfied by an analyst without relevant experience in work training. The markets, demands, and trends are changing with rapidity. And a data analyst must be ready for occasional revamps. The frontline experience exposes a professional to real-world circumstances and prepares them for the inevitable. Thus, students who never got the training required in college, must opt for internships after graduation and relocate to a relevant city if necessary. And try to acquire skills that are valued in the industry.

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