How to store and arrange items reasonably in the kitchen

How to store and arrange items reasonably in the kitchen

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First of all, we need to clarify what is the standard of scientific storage? There are two main points: the principle of proximity and top light and bottom heavy in common use.

The essence of storage design is proximity, convenient and smooth operation, the efficiency of the kitchen will be efficient, in the design of storage to consider a good kitchen line, according to their own habitual trajectory of action for storage, easy to take and return to place.This point has been analyzed very comprehensively in this article of The 20 Best Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Organizer 2022

For example, the cooking area involves space for spices and the stove top, so you can store spices and dishes and pots and pans nearby, which is more in line with our habits.

In addition to considering whether the operation is smooth, but also according to the frequency of use and weight of items for storage allocation, in three-dimensional space layout to follow the principles of storage.

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Hanging cabinets to store lighter and less commonly used items, larger and heavier items suitable for floor cabinets, while the countertop should be placed on the most commonly used items, reach out and get.

Custom cabinets are generally divided into three parts: hanging cabinets, countertops, and floor cabinets, which are also the main storage areas in the kitchen. After understanding the scientific principles of storage, let’s look at how to design the kitchen for storage.

How to store and arrange items reasonably in the kitchen

1.Hanging cabinet storage

Shelf layered storage

Open hanging cabinet is easy to waste the upper space, this time the easiest and most cost-effective way is to install a telescopic shelves, to create a different space for layering, can store more items.

Pull down baskets for easy access

Take the hanging cabinet high items for small friends is not very convenient, this time you can choose a good partner of the hanging cabinet – pull down the basket, high to take things easily.

Hanging cabinet basket expansion space

There is also Sogeshome this two-stage double-layer hanging cabinet sliding basket, a gentle pull can be slid down, not only easy to get, but also to make higher space utilization, no longer high items difficult to get or space wasted.

2. Countertop storage

Variety of wall hanging system

Countertop space is the most frequently used area, suitable for storage of common condiments and kitchen utensils. The wall-mounted system can store cookware and condiments on the wall, which is not only more convenient to use, but also comes with a draining function, so you don’t have to worry about rusting and corrosion after washing the residual water stains.

Knife storage pendant

For sharp knives, the Sogeshome storage system is just as good as any other.  This knife storage pendant is forged of steel, durable and air permeable, with a pendant design that drains water and removes bacteria, and has a storage capacity that is not to be missed!

Open Shelf

When it comes to wall space storage, we have to mention the open shelves, lightweight open design, not only high value, practicality is also very strong, not only can store high cups and decorative items to add a sense of seniority to the kitchen, but also can be used to store spices, grains and other common items.

3. Floor cabinet storage

The core storage area of the lower kitchen space is the floor cabinets, suitable for placing larger pots and pans or heavier rice and oil, so the key is to store the location at a glance, neat and orderly.

As a storage artifact, pull-out baskets have superb storage integration ability, and can be used to maximize the floor space.

Drawer pull-out baskets

All-in-one drawer puller, suitable for dishware storage, classification placement, a pull to take, optimize your kitchen storage space.

Dish puller

Dish pull-out baskets generally use a mesh structure, with multiple metal compartments inside, plus door panels installed like a drawer, but also has a draining function.

Corner pull-out basket

Corner pull-out basket is mainly used for L-shaped, U-shaped cabinet corner cabinet, used to solve the cabinet storage blind spot and expansion space, just a gentle pull on the cabinet door, it can make the most inside items in front, to avoid the embarrassment of the cabinet deep enough.

High cabinet pullout

High cabinet pullout is a kind of pullout designed for high kitchen cabinets, can reduce the difficulty of organizing, classifying and picking up items, using the vertical three-dimensional space, expand more storage, can double the space of high cabinets.

Cabinet is the focus of home decoration, once the storage design is not reasonable, it will greatly affect the efficiency of the kitchen. Want to create a practical and smooth kitchen, according to the daily operating habits and functional partitioning to store items. The above storage tips, you have learned?

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