What Is Roblox AUT Trello? Everything You Need To Know


There are many popular animated manga series that are running all over the world. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is also one of them. AUT Trello is also a dynamic Roblox game. It is renewed with some additional features. In terms of popularity and gameplay, it’s the best game for people who love fighting games. The developers of this game use different methods to entertain game lovers through their Roblox page. This article gives you all the information about the recent changes made in this game.

AUT Trello page

People new to AUT can get benefit from a Trello page or link. This Trello page is a great place to learn new things about the game from time to time. It is an excellent place to start if you’re new to this game as well. Game developers support the community with this advanced feature. A variety of different characters in the game, how to use them, how to play the game, and all the abilities of the characters are well explained in this post.

How does AUT Trello work?

How does AUT Trello work?

Players compete for prizes and money in this RPG-style game. This game provides a truly fascinating experience for the players. In AUT, players are given several universal abilities. Your character can determine which method of play you use. All these methods make the game valuable. AUT is now a completely rewritten game. The new version of AUT Trello released in September 2021.

AUT Trello is an updated version that came out in the past. Its updated features include events, new maps, and new releases. In this game, players compete and win prizes. To play with your chosen team’s characters, you must first choose which team you want to join. You will get two options, one government, and another uprising team. To get points, you must remove as many of the other team’s players as possible. Playing the game well and completing all missions and objectives can earn money. You can access this game only on Roblox. Kur Dev is the game owner who created this game publicly in 2018.

What changes has AUT Trello made to its old universe?

Many changes have been made to the AUT Trello. There are only a few features that remain the same, but most of the other features change. As a result, the map will remain mostly the same, with only a few minor adjustments. For more details, if you want to get information about this game, you can visit the following social media sites Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

What recent changes have been made to the AUT Trello board?

Several changes that the company has made to the game are listed below.

  • Currently, there is no public release date for the brand-new game map.
  • Events still happen as before in the game.
  • The amount of content and releases increases over time in the game.
  • While you collect points for your team, you have to ensure that no one from the other team is alive.

Features of AUT Trello

Features Of AUT Trello
  • There has been a change in the game code.
  • Due to the change, the game was stopped for a long time.
  • Every part of the game is renewed in a more modern way.
  • The route board of the game thoroughly includes all new parts.
  • The site now provides access to all the information individuals need to create assignments, including standings, products, decisions, and rankings.
  • AUT sheets are available both privately and publicly.

Important Characters Of AUT Trello

Calli is one of the best characters in this game. Batgirl is the most exciting character in the comic book.

Universal competencies in AUT Trello

The most important feature of this game is Universal Abilities. You can unlock this ability in the game by using any of the characters. Characters in the game have unique abilities. This feature makes the game more awesome and helpful.

What is a stand in AUT?

A stand is a source of energy for characters. It is created by the owner, who usually presents himself as a figure hovering over or near the user. He possesses more abilities than a normal human being. Stands can be animal-shaped, human-shaped, or sometimes intimate objects such as a ship or a gun. It can also be a randomly triggered phenomenon like a standalone Bohemian Rhapsody.


As with many Roblox games, AUT Trello updates its players on the latest news and developments on a Trello board. The board is updated frequently with new updates as well as future development plans. The first step for new players can be to locate something like a guide to basic mechanics and tips, which can help them get up to speed as quickly as possible.

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Is Shadow DIO Stronger or DIO?

DIO has more power and a more extended time stop. In contrast, Shadow DIO is level and calm.

Which AUT stand is the best?

The Nocturnes stand is the highest in the S-tier.

Who creates AUT Trello?

Kur Dev created this animated AUT Trello series.

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