Beautyforever Hair: Glueless Lace Wig

Beautyforever Hair: Glueless Lace Wig

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The glueless lace wigs are loved by women because of their natural appearance and easy installation. If you hate the idea of using glue, tape, or some other adhesive to secure your wig, a glueless lace front wig is exactly what you need.

The glueless lace wigs have become popular recently, do you want to follow the trend and try them out? If you don’t know much about this wig, today we will introduce you to what is a glueless lace wig and how to use it. It is easy to use, very convenient and you will love it.

What is a glueless lace wig?

Glueless lace wigs are lace-free front wigs. This wig is installed without glue, with adjustable straps at the back and clips to fix it. The biggest difference between this and traditional wigs is whether glue is used or not.

Glueless wigs are safer to wear than traditional glue-in wigs, harmless to our natural healthy hair, and will not stain our natural hair, edges and skin. And it is easy to remove.

How to wear a glueless lace wig?

If you already have a certain glueless wig and are wondering how to wear it, please follow the steps below.

1. Determine the structure of the wig and style the wig:

The wig cap has a comb inside and usually has adjustable straps at the back. Key points, combs (three or four) are placed on the right and left, front or back, inside the front lace wig cap,

2.Prepare our natural hair:

For long hair, braid our natural hair and put on the wig cap first. For short hair, a wig cap will suffice.

3. Cleaning preparation:

Clean your forehead and hands to remove dirt and oil that can damage your lace front wig.

4.Cut off the excess lace:

Cut off the excess lace to match our hairline.

5.Install the glueless lace wig:

Wear a lace wig on your head. Hold the internal comb firmly with our natural hair and adjust the size of the cap with the adjustment straps to match our head for comfort.

What are the advantages of glueless lace wigs?

No glue or any kind of adhesive is required, it is very convenient to install or remove. You should know that wearing a wig for a long time or sleeping in a wig often not only affects the life of the wig, but also damages your natural hair.

The glueless wig is perfect for women with sensitive skin. Due to skin problems, some women may be allergic to some chemicals such as glues or adhesives, but they have to wear wigs for hobbies or other reasons, and glueless lace wigs are the key to help solve this problem.

There are many glueless lace wigs on the market, where can I buy the best glueless lace wigs? Maybe you can choose Beautyforever, a professional human wig supplier with its own factory, selling high quality Glueless lace wigs. All production procedures are strictly controlled to ensure that you buy the best human wigs.


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