How to Enjoy Financial Protection as a Freelancer

Financial Protection

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Creating financial protection, security, and peace for yourself as a freelancer isn’t an easy process. 

In fact, where business is concerned, it’s one of the more challenging things to achieve for yourself. 


Because you’re all alone. 

As a freelancer, you’re on your own ‘tiny ship’ in a sea amongst a mess of other massive ships, huge waves, and sea-monsters lurking just below the surface. 

And all of them are capable of squashing you if you’re not careful. 

But at the same time, becoming a freelancer can also be one of the most freeing and lucrative endeavors that you could ever pursue. 

There’s a ton of opportunity out there. 

And striking out on your own is one of the best ways to capitalize on it without being held back by anyone else. 

Some freelancers work for years, or even decades, without ever actually creating financial protection for themselves. But here’s the thing. 

It’s totally doable. 

You just need to figure out how to go about it, and make a plan of action that actually works for you. 

So in this post, you’re going to learn everything you need to know. 

Here’s the key to learning how to enjoy financial protection as a freelancer. 

1. Understand That You’re 100% Responsible For Creating Your Own Financial Independence Listen. 

Embarking upon the freelancer path isn’t for the weak or the faint of heart. 

If you actually want to get ahead and create success for yourself, you’re going to need to accept 100% responsibility for your own success. 

This means that you’re going to need to face your fear, get ahead of the curve, and build your own momentum. 

This is a lot of work—but it’s also incredibly rewarding for those who do it well. 

2. Start Making A LOT Of Money

There’s no such thing as safety in this world for the freelancer who isn’t earning enough to buy it for themselves.

In other words—you’re going to increase your odds for success by a drastic margin if you can significantly increase your income. 

Do some research, educate yourself, master your craft, and set yourself to the task of earning as much money as you possibly can while minimizing expenses. 

Build up a nest-egg, and start building investments. 

This is how you get ahead in the game of life as a freelancer. 

3. Make A Plan

Freelancers are going to be much more likely to succeed if they make a detailed plan and stick with it. 

Make a detailed business plan for how to grow and scale your business, and attack that plan with relentless and fearless determination. 

As a freelancer, you need to get as ahead of the curve as possible. 

Plot yourself a path to success that’ll get you to 6 figures as quickly as possible—then, plot out a ‘phase 2’ to get you to 7 figures. 

You can’t afford to survive on peanuts as a solo creative professional. 

You need some cash stored up so that you can weather any storms that may come your way. 

4. Get Insurance

As quickly as possible, figure out what types of self-employed business insurance your company needs and purchase it. 

This will save you from a number of potential calamities, and is really some of the best ‘insurance’ you can get to keep you stable in these wild uncertain times. 

You never know when a client may flip out over something and blame you for it—causing a lawsuit that’ll threaten to bog down your business and drain your resources. 

Having the proper insurance in such cases could mean the difference between succeeding and/or failing as a freelancer. 

5. Don’t Give Up

The path to success as a freelancer can sometimes take years. 

But the path to financial security and freedom might actually take even longer. 

With that being said—if you’re willing to go the distance and create this success for yourself, you’re off to a great start. 

A hard work ethic and a ‘never give up’ attitude is what you’ll need in order to truly succeed. 

So stick with it, and don’t give up! 


There you have it. 

5 tips for how to achieve and enjoy financial security and protection as a freelancer. 

Equipped with these tips, you’ll be ready to hit the market hard and create your own success. 

You’ve got this! We believe in you!

Now just get out there and make it happen. 

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