How to find the best Pennsylvania sportsbooks in 2024 


Last Updated on July 14, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

The sports betting revolution that has swept across the US since 2018 was launched in the east of the nation, and it is no surprise that Pennsylvania, one of the first states to legalize sports betting, can boast a thriving sportsbook sector that features 13 regulated sportsbook brands.  

Pennsylvania is a natural location for sports betting, with eight pro sports teams located within the state borders. Since the first legal sports bet was made in the Keystone State in November 2018, millions of sports fans have taken advantage of Pennsylvania’s new sports betting opportunities. 

Given the range of betting options available in the state, however, it can be tricky to identify which are the best sports betting sites. Luckily, there are some key factors you can look out for to help you to narrow down your range of options and find the best site for yourself.  

Choose regulated sites 

Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind when you are choosing a sports betting site in Pennsylvania is to ensure that you rule out any site that is not fully regulated.  

Sports betting in the state is regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, and all legal sites will hold official licenses, which should be displayed prominently on their home page. If you are in doubt about whether a site is legal, contact the Gaming Control Board to clarify.  

Using an unregulated site can put you at risk of data theft, fraud and other legal threats, while leaving you with no recourse in the event of a dispute. You may even find that an illegal site will simply refuse to pay out in the event of a winning wager.  

Check sports coverage 

Most modern sportsbooks will offer good betting coverage across the main leagues, but some sites are stronger than others when it comes to particular sports. You will usually be able to place a standard NFL wager at any sportsbook, but if you are looking for a rarer, more international sport or a more obscure market, you may not always find what you are looking for. Make sure that you check out the markets and sports that a site covers before you register for an account.  

Consider the available payment methods 

Sportsbooks will generally offer a range of payment options, but the full list will vary from site to site, so it can pay to confirm that your preferred banking method is featured.  

It is also a good idea to check out review sites and other sources to establish withdrawal times for any site that you are considering. While withdrawal speeds will depend to an extent on the banking method used, sports betting sites will vary in the speed with which they handle their end of the withdrawal process, and a little research in this area can avoid frustration later on.  

Desktop and mobile performance 

Modern sportsbook sites vary widely in design and layout. Some sites opt for a simple, retro design, while others pack as much detail and information into their home page as possible. While the design and layout of a site is not a crucial factor, being able to navigate quickly and efficiently to the markets and site features that you are looking for is important.  

This becomes even more important when you are accessing a sportsbook through your mobile device. Look for mobile sportsbooks that are adapted for use on a smaller screen and that offer the same range of features and markets as the desktop version.  

In-play betting features 

Most sports betting is still based around the pre-match markets, but many bettors are opting to bet in-play. While this form of betting requires fast reflexes and a well-organized betting strategy, it can enable shrewd bettors to find an advantage as they adapt to fast-changing markets.  

Not all sportsbooks provide a full live betting service, however. If you are likely to be focusing on in-play betting, it is worth checking that a site offers the full range of markets, particularly if you are specializing in more obscure betting options.  

Access to live streaming of the events you are likely to want to bet on is also important for live betting. Not every site has the rights to all sports events, so make sure that the sports you are interested in are covered fully, as betting in-play without being able to watch the event in question is not recommended.  

Take care with bonus offers 

Most sports betting sites will offer bonuses to attract new customers, but it is important not to be drawn in by headline numbers. Take a look at the terms and conditions of any bonus deal to avoid disappointment, and don’t sign up with any site simply because of their bonus. 


The highly competitive nature of the Pennsylvania sports betting sector means that there are plenty of options for sports betting fans, so it makes sense to look at all the available sportsbook sites to find those that best suit your needs. Remember to never wager on sports with unregulated sites, and never bet with money that you cannot afford to lose.  

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