Beginner’s Guide To Growing Weed


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Growing marijuana can be a difficult chore for beginners. But, in reality, anyone can do it. Growing marijuana is simple if you know how to do it! Start with a beginner’s cannabis growing guide.

Many pot growing guides are available, but it’s not easy if you don’t know the basics! Let’s learn how to produce marijuana from scratch.

Starting Marijuana: A Beginner Guide

You must first investigate and make decisions. This will be huge when growing marijuana.

Tips for weed growing

Caution is required while spending money on marijuana.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Weed Growing

The first decision is whether to grow weed indoors or outdoors.

There are benefits and drawbacks to each, but ultimately, it comes down to what works best for your lifestyle and personal tastes. Here are your alternatives for growing cannabis indoors or outdoors.


Outdoor growth may be a better choice if you want to save money.

You won’t need to buy lighting (the sun will do that).

However, cultivating marijuana outdoors can present some additional shocks. Pests include wildlife, insects, and other animals (including unwanted human guests). Besides managing these pests, you might also need to consider irrigation or harvesting solutions depending on the scale of your cannabis cultivation. The irrigation system will ensure that your plants receive the right amount of water consistently, which is crucial for healthy growth, especially in areas that don’t get regular rainfall. Effective irrigation can range from simple drip systems to more advanced automated watering systems, which can save time and resources. On the other hand, cannabis harvesting solutions, despite the initial investment, will be important as they streamline the process, reduce labor costs, and maintain the quality of your cannabis crop. Implementing these solutions will help in maintaining a consistent and efficient outdoor cannabis growing operation.

Whether it’s privacy, security, or pollination from other male plants, growing outdoors has its challenges.


Indoor marijuana growing has many benefits.

For one thing, it’s more private so that no one may stumble upon it.

It’s not as expensive as you think, and you can (and must) control every aspect of your plant’s environment. Indoor growth may not be for you if you want to let things happen rather than micromanage every aspect.

Beginners grow light

Use grow lights that are best suited to your indoor growing environment. For plants grown outside, it’s still vital to consider the sun’s exposure.

They must have at least eight hours of direct sunlight a day to grow at their finest and fastest. More light, in general, means more (and larger) buds.

Indoor growers must select a specific light source. Growers employ multiple light sources. As a result of their low cost, CFLs are most typically employed by new It’s a good pick for beginners. But LED lights use less electricity than MH or CPS lights and are more expensive.

The latter is less expensive than LEDs but consumes more electricity than LEDs when purchased.

CFLs are the easiest to cultivate weed with a little setup. Choose a smaller MH/HPS grow light if you want the best.

What are the best growing media for beginners?

The type of growing media you use for your cannabis plants will affect how much care they require. Beyond ordinary soil, there are several options to consider. Examine the pros and disadvantages of each option before deciding.

Starting with soil is the simplest option for newbie growers. There are soil substitutes like perlite and coco coir. Technically, these are soilless mixes, which is a form of hydroponics. Hydroponics’ challenging but immensely lucrative approach includes growing cannabis plants directly in water.

Of course, you can compost your soil and grow that way organically. It is a terrific way to grow weed that produces high taste and yield for those concerned about the environment.

What are the most delicate weed nutrients for beginners?

To feed your plants, you’ll need to buy fertilizers unless your soil already has a particular amount. Depending on their stage of development, cannabis plants require varying nutritional proportions. Nitrate, potassium, and phosphorus are the primary nutrients to worry about (P).

How much “food” you buy depends on the growing medium you use. Such as hydroponic nutrient mixes. Your marijuana plants will develop faster and prevent “nutrient burn” by utilizing this method. The soil’s pH level (or another growing medium) at the roots of your plants is also vital to their nutrient requirements. And you should always test the pH of your weed plants’ water if they start exhibiting odd symptoms.

Adding specific elements to the soil can help balance an acidic or alkaline pH. Unbalanced PH can harm plants. Learn about pH in soil and hydroponically grown plants.

What are the best beginner weed strains?

Now comes the fun part: selecting and purchasing marijuana seeds for your grow setup.

Buy seeds is easy if you acquire them from a reliable source.

Many Americans can buy weed seeds online from sellers who ship from outside the US (after reading reviews and researching which seeds thrive best in their climate).

Based on a false belief, no US citizens have been punished for importing marijuana seeds. The fact that shipments are always discreet helps you proceed with confidence. Choosing a strain is a separate story; you want to cultivate and thrive in your climate.

How do you germinate marijuana seeds quickly?

To grow plants from seeds, you must first germinate them. Obtain a beginning cube and keep it warm and moist (not hot). Keep it as a way for a few days or a week, and you’ll notice the first signs of a young cannabis plant.

Without a beginning cube, we suggest soaking them in water for a few days until they sprout a tail. In certain circumstances, this takes longer.

The water should be 68°F and have a PH of 6.5. While the head is out, plant them. Some folks use two plates and a moist paper towel to maintain the moisture. This should also take a week.

Beginner Cannabis Strains

It’s vital to pick a strain from i49 that works for you, both as a novice and someone in your situation. Let’s explore best available strain for both.

Because Indica – dominant are more tolerant than Sativa – dominant, they are easier to grow.

They are smaller, making them easier to grow in indoor gardens, but they also flower faster, making them ideal for areas with short growing seasons.

However, many hybrids are easier to cultivate, which is beneficial for beginners who grow a Sativa-dominant strain.