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Because there isn’t yet a definition of brand photography on Google, I would conclude that it is a very new subset of the photography market. To my clients and blog readers, brand photography is a subgenre of photography created for creative entrepreneurs and business owners. Brand photography combines the numerous components of your company into a single image to tell your story and highlight your aesthetic.

Product photographer Drew Doyon provides studio-style and on-location product photography for brands. On all projects, big or small, we shoot in either film or digital with the greatest tools available in the business and quick turnaround times. Send us your products if you don’t live in Los Angeles, and we’ll shoot them and send them back to you.

Brand photography depicts a lifestyle and goes beyond a straightforward headshot or product picture.  Both of them feature their products, but in order to distinguish themselves from their rivals, the photographs also highlight the company’s ideals and a. If you don’t know what brand photography is or how it may assist your company, keep reading to find out the 6 advantages!



The ability to demonstrate to your audience what it looks and feels like to work with you is the most advantageous part of brand photography. Brand photography displays your true personality and fully embraces your brand story. It does more than just take a headshot; it incorporates YOU into the artwork. What could be more real than a business owner in their natural environment? Brand photography captures unplanned events like inspiration-seeking, client meetings, or your creative process.


Brand awareness is highly beneficial since familiarity fosters credibility and trust among prospective customers. In an ideal world, when your target client sees one of your ads or posts on social media, you want them to immediately connect the image to your company. By highlighting your distinctive qualities in your picture, brand photography enables you to stand out in your field and fosters brand recognition.


While professional photography is essential, your brand must be consistent across all marketing channels. Your branding should flow naturally! Therefore, everything you use for marketing—including your website, social media accounts, ads, press kits, print materials, and anything else—should be consistent. (To learn more about additional applications for your brand photographs, see my blog post 23 Applications for Brand Photography.) You wouldn’t choose three distinct logos for your company, and the same is true with your choice of photos.

Because it is genuine, identifiable, of a high calibre, and most importantly because the photographs convey a consistent image and message, brand photography promotes professionalism and a well-established brand.


Brand photography enables you to increase your rates, which is one of its biggest advantages. Who wouldn’t desire that? By developing a strong, identifiable brand and projecting a professional image, you may convince your audience that you are a pioneer in your industry and command premium prices. Additionally, you will feel more confident in stating your costs if you are pleased with the visual representation of your company. Being confident in your worth is invaluable!


How would it feel to not be forced to compete to provide your good or service at the lowest price? I’m sure you’re relieved! The good news is that brand photography can accomplish this because strategic branding that is consistent builds powerful brand equity. “Brand equity is the increased value that your company’s goods or services have over those of equivalent, unbranded products, allowing you to charge more for your brand.” 

You can now concentrate on luring clients that respect excellent quality and amazing service they do exist! They enjoy the sense of elegance and exclusivity and don’t want the headache that comes with something cheap. For this reason, some buyers will shell out hundreds of dollars for a Chanel handbag. Chanel has excelled in creating a highly appealing and memorable brand image; they compete on quality rather than money.


Last but not least, brand imagery can motivate your audience. Professional photography is used in your promotion, but it should also convey an ideal that your ideal customer can aspire to. When someone hires you to add value to their life or business, even if you aren’t solving a problem for them, you are still adding beauty and pleasure to their lives. 

By using professionally designed brand photography, you can make it simple for customers to fall in love with your company and demonstrate how your product can help them live and work happily.

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