How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring for Your Lifestyle

How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring for Your Lifestyle

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For such a small item, engagement rings do a lot. They represent the story of your love, from the first tiny sparks in the past to the promise of what’s to come in the future. And they do all this while sitting on your finger throughout your day-to-day activities.

You’ll be wearing this ring for almost every moment for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure you make the right choice so it not only looks incredible, but it can also hold up to what life will put it through. The style will always win out in the end, but it’s still a good idea to think about and factor in how your ring will interact or interfere with your activities. Here’s how to go about choosing an engagement ring for your lifestyle.


Jobs come and go, but you want your ring to last a lifetime. That being said, you should consider the type of work you do when picking out your engagement ring. If you have a career that involves being in the public eye or on camera, you might want to select a engagement ring that reflects a specific image you want to portray, so the image of your ring will be a priority. 

However, if you’re someone who works in healthcare or education where you’re frequently washing your hands and taking care of others, having a ring that’s prone to snagging or scratching is going to not only be potentially damaging to your ring but to the people you’re working with. If you wear gloves a lot, choosing a engagement ring ring that isn’t likely to rip through the gloves is important.

Then there are people who work in high-risk jobs, in extreme conditions or with heavy tools or machinery. People with these types of jobs will want a ring that doesn’t snag and will be highly secure. Often, it’s best to have a ring custom made, so you can have one of a kind custom jewelery that meets your work needs while also suiting your personal style.

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Maybe you work in an office or have no particular work-related issues with your ring, but does that extend to your activities and hobbies? If you love spending hours getting your hands dirty, whether in the dirt in the garden or in the dough in the kitchen, you want to take these things into account when ring shopping. If your hobbies tend to get messy, choosing a engagement ring that is easily cleaned should be a priority. If you’re more into sports and are likely to be found on a tennis court or rock climbing, choose a ring that isn’t easily scratched and is made of sturdier metal like platinum.

Another consideration for frequent international travellers is whether they’ll feel secure wearing the ring in unfamiliar countries. Selecting a more discreet style might be the right choice for jetsetters. 

By taking your lifestyle into account when ring shopping, you can find a ring you love that will also stand the test of time, just like your love.