Best Home Theater Seating Ideas For 2021


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Craving a date-night theater experience without having to step out of your home? It doesn’t take much to create a cozy space where you and your loved ones can enjoy movie nights, game days, and your latest binge-worthy show. Most homeowners with a movie-viewing room agree that the first step is finding the right home theater seating. With a few comfy recliners, you’ll be ready to entertain in no time. But which setup is right for you? Read on and match your seating to your movie-watching style!

Multimedia Leather Sofas: Sleek and elegant-looking, a multimedia leather sofa set is perfect for an authentic theater experience. Choose a sofa with two seats that recline individually, and look for models with individual cup holders and a storage area in the middle for snacks and remotes. Many models also have plastic floor glides, making them easy to move as close to or as far from the screen as you like.

Massage recliner: Kick back and relax with a movie and a massage! Budget-friendly massage recliners are available in lots of styles. They’re great options for smaller spaces or for turning your living room into a prime movie-watching destination. Make sure that you sit in the chair before you buy it. Whether or not a particular massage recliner feels comfortable to you depends on the size of the chair and position of the massaging components relative to your height and body type.

3-seat recliners: A versatile 3-seat recliner is a great choice for just about any home theater. With many color and upholstery choices available, you can easily match the décor of your home theater room. Many models feature cup holders and consoles for storage. Choose a 3-seat recliner if you’re a family-of-three or love to host only a few guests at a time. Are you furnishing a smaller space, or do you want the option to squeeze in some extra seating? Search for a wall-hugger recliner that will not take up much room.

Double love seat: A double love seat is a great choice if you have plenty of space and a bigger family. Line up two double love seats, one behind another, just like in a theater setting. Models come in a variety of colors, trims, and even layouts. Choose from a straight or a curved row of two, three, or even five seats.

Whether you prefer to kick back and relax, or watch on the edge of your seat, customize your home theater seats and enjoy your next movie night just the way you like it. If you are looking for the best home theater options in the market, walk into Greater Southern Home Recreation today. Take advantage of our numerous options available to you. Not happy with what you see? Our experts will help you customize your home theater seating based on your likes, preferences, and of course, budget. Call us today at (678) 240-0007.