Biophilic Architecture: The Future of Custom Home Designs

Biophilic Architecture: The Future of Custom Home Designs
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Being one with nature and enjoying its gifts has always been one of the main quests of mankind. With modernization and the heavy impact of gadgets and technology, we are distancing ourselves from nature while still benefiting from nature’s products. Modern architects are trying to bring back nature and man together through innovative architectural solutions where nature and its elements form the building block of a house. 

This type of architectural idea is called biophilic architecture, and Dinastia Renovations & Additions is the go-to company for these ideas. Biophilic designs ensure physical and dental well-being for the people staying in the apartments. In this article, we will be looking at some of the biophilic architectural ideas that can be implemented in any existing household setting. 

Biophilic Architecture Ideas:

Commonly used architectural ideas can be changed or modified to integrate nature in a better way. If you want the outer world to be a part of your indoors, then home customization offered by custom home builders, Northern Beaches, are the best. The following are some of the pocket-friendly ways of incorporating nature into everyday home designs, 

The light should be a part of a household –

  • Increasing the amount of light entering the room can be a great way of making sure that the house looks big and spacious. Several artificial sunlight sources can be installed in the room to get the feel of daylight even when it’s night. This helps in providing visual comfort while making people connect with nature. 

There are many ways of incorporating natural elements without using plants- Plants

  • symbolize nature and the wilderness. Still, many other components of nature can be incorporated inside a house. Water, air, and light form some of the major natural components that provide the feeling of being outside while staying at home. 

The presence of water provides a calming experience –

  • The sound and visual impact of flowing water can be soothing to the body and mind. Having a small fountain indoors can also help regulate the indoor atmosphere and positively impact the body, like lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, and memory restoration. 

Nature is in the air –

  • Having big windows and a proper venting system is the best way to improve indoor air circulation and allow outdoor air to enter the room. This helps reduce the temperature during the summer months and helps people with improved concentration and performance. 

Faking natural elements can also be beneficial to an extent –

  • If bringing nature indoors is not possible for your apartment, then faking it has been proved to have similar effects. Bringing in plastic plants or a humidifier can help bring the feel of being outdoors while staying indoors. 


Biophilic architecture and interior designing are truly the future of home customization that we have all been waiting for. Experts custom home builders Northern Beach suggest that this integration of nature can help make people feel like they are outside while being at home, which has a positive effect on many aspects of an individual.

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