Check Out These Bathroom Renovations On A Budget

Check Out These Bathroom Renovations On A Budget
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Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

If you want to refresh and revitalize the bathrooms in your home, then you will need to have a plan as well as a budget. Although, those are not the only concerns that you will have when renovating a bathroom. There are numerous things to take care of when undertaking such a job. 

The task becomes even more complicated and challenging if you have a budget constraint. Bathroom renovations Adelaide on average cost around $15k to $20k. The price obviously would vary on different factors which include: 

  • The exact location of the property
  • The position of the bathroom (ground floor or upstairs)
  • Your needs and preferences 
  • Quality of fixtures and fittings you use
  • The contractors you choose for the job

Excellent Ideas For Bathroom Renovations On A Budget

It is possible to renovate a bathroom on a very low budget if you know the right tips and tricks. You must hire the right professionals for the job. Experienced professionals who specialize in bathroom renovations Adelaide can offer cost-effective and affordable services that match your needs and expectations. 

With the right tips and ideas, you would not have to go for a complete overhaul or full renovation which would be more expensive. Instead, you can take care of the most essential areas that can be very cheap and yet make a major impact and deliver the results you need. 

Let us take a look at some of the best ideas for bathroom renovation on a budget. 

You Do Not Need To Change The Layout

A lot of people think that renovating a bathroom means changing the entire layout. In reality, it can be a pretty different thing. You do not need to change the layout of the space and yet get very satisfying results. Choose to upgrade certain items while keeping the overall layout as it is. It will help save a lot of costs. 

Pay Attention To Fixtures And Fittings

Updating fixtures and fittings of a bathroom make it look better and make it more convenient and functional. It is easy to do and does not involve too many expenses as well. 

Re-Paint Not Re-Tile

Colors, patterns, and textures are important factors to be considered when renovating a bathroom. They have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. You might want to change the tiles and get new ones, but you can avoid doing that if you are on a tight budget and want to cut costs. It is better to go for re-painting instead of re-tiling. If re-tiling is mandatory for you, choose a reliable supplier who can offer good quality and appropriate tiles at reasonable prices. 

Modern Cabinetry 

Cabinets and shelves can add a different appeal to any bathroom. Go for modern options that come pretty cheap nowadays and are also available very easily. It will help add a modern and reinvented appeal without too many expenses. 

In Conclusion 

Last but not the least, hiring the right professionals who are licensed, skilled and reliable is very important. They will help you get the best results at the most reasonable prices. For the finest bathroom renovations in Adelaide, you can opt for East Adelaide Tiling Co.