How Do I Choose the Best Food Broker for My Food Business?

How Do I Choose the Best Food Broker for My Food Business?
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The food industry produced and delivered over $1.7 trillion worth of food last year. 

To be successful in the food industry is no easy task. Food businesses need to be able to sell their goods to as many customers as possible. In order to get those orders coming in and revenues soaring, food businesses often rely on a food broker. 

How do you know if a food broker is right for your business, and what should you look for? 

What Is a Food Broker?

A food broker is someone who goes between food businesses and potential customers like restaurants, vending services, and other retailers or wholesalers. They establish connections and facilitate orders. They are the middleman in almost every transaction between a food business and a wholesaler or a retailer. 

Food brokers are often paid based on a commission structure where they receive between 5% and 10% of the market value of the contracts they negotiate. This way they are incentivized to do their absolute best for the clients. 

For a more in-depth look at what a Food Broker is and how they can benefit your business, check out this article at Like any job there are a lot of moving pieces that go into everything that a food broker does. 

What Should I Look For?

As a small business owner, you want to make sure that you get the best food broker possible. Doing so is smart business because a food broker can make or break your operation. How do you know if a food broker is good or knows what they’re doing? 

A food broker should have a lot of connections and contacts throughout the food industry. They will have buying agents, purchasers, and others who they’ve already worked with available. They’ll be able to set up these contracts and get your products out there to the market as soon as possible. 

A good food broker has extensive knowledge of the food industry, and also of the foods they are working with. This helps them make the sales and find the proper customers for the products you make. Either the food broker themselves or their brokerage company needs to have this knowledge base. 

Make sure to check with friends and colleagues in the industry as well. You don’t want to just take the first broker that you make contact with. Make sure that you are working with a professional who is driven to achieve the goals that you are setting out to reach. 

Food Brokers and You 

Once you have the right food broker, the sky’s the limit in terms of success. They will get you in touch with the right retailers and wholesalers to make sure that your business stays busy and profitable. Don’t try to work out all the ordering and connections yourself, you have a business to operate. 

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