Choosing the Best Location for a Portable Garage

Portable Garage

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A portable garage can offer you extra room to keep one or more vehicles, a lawn mower, a snow blower, gardening tools, and other items that you need to store in a place other than your regular garage. Buying a portable garage requires a smaller cash outlay than building a standard garage or a storage shed and can provide outstanding protection from the weather at an affordable price. To ensure the optimum use of your portable garage, you’ll need to select the proper location. A well-placed portable garage can make your life a whole lot easier, but putting it in the wrong spot can create unintended headaches. A major concern in picking an appropriate site for your portable garage is whether it will afford you enough room to house all of your vehicles. The following are some pointers on how to choose the ideal place for your portable garage.

Ensure that Your Portable Garage is Easily Accessible

You want to situate your portable garage in an area that can be easily accessed, meaning there should be a clear path to reach it. Also, consider what you’re planning to store in your portable garage. If you wish to use it to protect a vehicle, make certain that a car can get in and out without its path being blocked. If you intend to use the garage for keeping a snow blower and snow shovels, locate it nearby your house to avoid having to trudge through deep snow to reach it.

Verify that the Site of Your Garage will be Sufficiently Far from the Property Line

Consult the building code for your area to determine the distance you need to place your garage from the property line. Requirements regarding setbacks vary from one locality to the next, and you don’t want to position your portable garage in a place that creates a conflict with a neighbor or causes your local government to ask you to move it. Also, you should measure the width of your lawn mower and decide if there will be enough room between the portable garage and the property line for you to cut the grass.

Determine Where Your Utilities are Located

To avoid hitting any utility lines when driving anchors into the ground to secure the garage, be sure you know the locations of utilities in your yard before setting up a portable garage. Contact your local utility companies to get this information.

Select a Level Area that’s Free of Obstructions

Your portable garage should be set up on level ground. Check for trees, stumps, bushes, rocks, or any other objects that could obstruct the setup of your portable garage and the path leading to it.

Consider Factors That Could Lead to Damaging Your Portable Garage

Reflect on other aspects of your yard that might cause harm to your portable garages, such as trees with low-hanging limbs that could potentially scrape against the roof and sides. Also, avoid areas where water accumulates when it rains.

Think about the Aesthetic Impact

Contemplate how you want your backyard to look from the street. Do you want your portable garage to be noticeable to passersby, or do you prefer to keep it hidden from sight? If you feel that a portable garage will improve the look of your yard, you can situate it out in the open. If you prefer not to draw attention to the structure, you can choose a location in your yard where it will be less obvious.

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